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Oh, it’s bank holiday weekend, can you find one of your hotels staycation again“, would ask Mr Bigg without fail before a long weekend. He always thinks that those are not full, waiting for us to arrive. It’s rarely the case of course, although we’ve been known to be lucky sometimes.

To avoid that, I of course recommend booking a staycation early and here is my list of tried and tested staycations near London. They are all about 2h, so it’s really an easy weekend staycation.

My tried and tested hotels staycation near London

Chewton Glen

Chewton Glen review, why this luxury hotel in the English countryside is the perfect place for a family holiday or celebration
A glass of rose near the cricket lawn at Chewton Glen

Because it’s bigger than the hotels we usually go to, Chewton Glen has more chances of having availability at short notice.  We took advantage of this a couple of times, escaping for the long bank holiday August weekend.   For families, it’s really great: there in an outdoor heated pool for kids and a gorgeous indoor pool with limited kids hours. The spa has trattments for children too.  There is a tea for kids at the end of the day but you can also take them to one of the two restaurants for a meal wit. The beach is a 20 min walk from the hotel. On site, you can enjoy a variety of activities both geared towards adults (golf) or children (cricket, kids club).

Soho Farmhouse

A detailed Soho Farmhouse review telling you all about Soho Farmhouse membership, soho farmhouse cabins, soho farm house activities.
One of the bedroom in a two bedrooms cabin at Soho Farmhouse.

With the recent addition of the Piglets, smaller rooms that sit in clusters of four in a secluded wildflower meadow, it might get easier to book Soho Farmhouse. Give it a try as it’s really a good place for a staycation for all members in the family. Mademoiselle loved the freedom that comes with the free bikes, the pizzas, the pool and all the activities.  You can even have poney rides.  The adults love the sense of grown up holiday camp.  It’s a bit of a bubble but a really nice bubble.


Limewood spa, the outdoor heated pool
The heated outdoor pool at Limewood

Limewood is a good staycation destination for foodies.  The restaurant by Angela Hartnett and Luke Holder really has delicious food, and as it’s inspired by Italian cooking, pasta dishes that will work for the kids.  The common areas are often buzzing: there is a lot of locals coming here for a lunch, but you can retreat in either the spa, or the cabins outside of the main building.  The spa has an indoor heated pool as well as a small outdoor heated pool, but kids can’t go in that last one. Good for long walks in the forest just outside the door and close to Paultons Park and Peppa Pigg world.

Heckfield Place

Heckfield Place in Hampshire, a beautiful luxury hotel with amazing interior design. Lots of ideas for a house design. Check the review to learn more about how to enjoy a weekend escape in a luxury hotel in the UK.
A selfie in the Heckfield Place hallway, notice the beautiful flowers.

Easily the quickest luxury hotel to get to from West London and what a hotel!  The interior design is totally on point and will delight all of you who love beautiful art, relaxing lounges, deep atmospheric bar and a nordic style bedroom. Yes all of that is in abundance yet in subtle touches at Heckfield Place. I can’t wait for the bigger spa with pool that will open later this year to return.

Lucknam Park

Lucknam Park, five star luxury hotel near Bath. Four poster bed. Very romantic!
A very romantic canopy bed at Lucknam Park.

If you fancy the grandeur of a  manor place, then Lucknam Park will be your choice. We particularly like the long drive way. Really majestuous with the big trees lining it up to the door.  Service is very classic and subtile.  Rooms are decorated in a classic way, so it’s more of a traditional romantic UK place.  The spa is really well appointed and there is an indoor and outdoor heated pool.  Lots of fun things to do around as well.  They have recently opened a new cottage that you can rent as well.

The George in Rye

One of the beautiful blue bedrooms at the George in Rye, one of my recommendations for a hotel staycation near London. Read the post to discover 5 more hotels for staycations in the UK
One of the beautiful blue bedrooms at the George in Rye

We stayed there a long time ago, Mademoiselle was just 18 months old, but we regularly go for lunch.  It’s very close to Hastings where Mr Big’s family resides so we often go for a walk in that picturesque village and stop for a pickup meal at the George.  Rye is such an escape, you will absolutely love staying there. The village is splendid, the streets bring you back to history, the choices of shops and antiques is a delight. You can also go to Camber Sands, a beautiful beach in just 10 minutes by car.  Really a great staycation.

The nearest boutique hotel for a UK staycation

Beaverbrook Hotel

Beaverbrook Hotel, a luxury hotel near London which can be a perfect staycation. Read the post to discover more hotels for a staycation near London.
© Beaverbrook

This is the closest to London, at least to our part of London: Beaverbrook Hotel. I have been following them ever since they were in development and can’t wait to visit them but haven’t yet been able to.  The hotel has a history for welcoming stars and politicians and has been transformed and renovated with gorgeous decors. There is now a pool and a spa so it is really the perfect destination for us.  We will also have to test if it’s good for families. If you get there before me, please let me know how it works for kids.

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