Chewton Glen review – why Mademoiselle chose it for her birthday

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After a last minute break at Chewton Glen last year, Mademoiselle was so enamored with the place that she chose it as her birthday celebration place this year.

Now, that would be quite an indulgence to go just for a kid’s birthday but it did suit us too for a relaxing time over the UK bank holiday weekend so off we went again.

Mr Big had also tried it for a business event some time before.

First of all, why Chewton Glen is so good for families.

Tell you what, it’s less unique and individual than other UK country hotels we usually stay at but certainly for families it’s a winner.

Mademoiselle was enchanted. Here is a list of what she enjoyed
⁃ welcome plate with smarties cookie, marshmallow and strawberries
⁃ A present! (Don’t know if they give that out to every child or if she had a special treatment because it was her birthday)
⁃ The kids menu in the big restaurant
⁃ The birthday card slipped through the door on the big day
⁃ Both outdoor and indoor pools
⁃ The mini spa treatments!
⁃ The croquet, golf and playground area
⁃ The kids club with a mini master chef session!
⁃ and…..
the tv in the bath!

For the parents: what the decor is like

The decor inside is pretty classic. Some rooms have had a modern decor but overall you still stay in safe territory. The restaurant and the nail studio are the ones that have the decor I like the most.

We chose the same room as last year, which was mid category. Too classic in style for my liking but a good space and the added bonus is that it’s very close to the spa so we could go for an early swim every morning.

Chewton Glen review, why this luxury hotel in the English countryside is the perfect place for a family holiday or celebration

Rooms overlooking the croquet field have a nice view. You are closer to the outdoor pool and the restaurant and lounges. So that might be a tad noisier in the evening.

Tree houses are the special ones. Hidden away and with special room service. Perfect for isolation. As a family it will be a little walk to go to the restaurant, pool and spa.

A Chewton Glen spa day can keep you busy but there is more…

The beauty of Chetwon Glen is how it combines lots of things to do without feeling crowded. Outside, you can play golf, croquet, tennis or you can walk to the beach.

The heated outdoor pool is where kids are all day as there is no time limit (whereas there is in the indoor pool). With the convenience of being able to have lunch served here, it’s a definite favorite for families. 

The kids club is also very nice with activities such as cooking, crafts and an area for older kids with video games.

While the kids are at the club, the parents can escape to the Chewton Glen spa with indoor pool. They offer great beauty treatments and as mentioned before mini spa treatments.  There is a restaurant with healthy food.

The new nail studio is really beautiful: white, airy, bright, a real success.

And of course you can go for a drink at the bar!

Chewton Glen review, why this luxury hotel in the English countryside is the perfect place for a family holiday or celebration

Afternoon tea at Chewton Glen or diner?

Again enough to please the whole family. You can eat at the main restaurant, have easy bar food outside on the terrace or in the bar and try the newly opened Kitchen at the entrance of the domaine.

I really liked it! Great innovative pizza, relaxed environment with booths a bit like an American diner. Very cheerful staff and nice tapas style starters.

The main dining room has classic food which is very well presented and flavoursome. My duck the second day was very good. Mr Big’s trolley roast beef (they come and cut the beef on a heated trolley) reminded him of his childhood.

Everywhere you can have the kids menu with lots of choices.

Many locals also come for the Chewton Glen afternoon tea which can be served on the terrace when it’s nice weather.

The tree houses at Chewton Glen are our goal for a special occasion

We were blessed with fantastic weather so enjoyed a beautiful walk around the estate. It takes you through the superb vegetable garden, the orchard, the fields with bee hives and a bit of forest where the Chewton Glen tree houses are hidden.

Those tree houses are our goal for a next stay. It’ll have to be for a very very special occasion as they are expensive. That doesn’t seem to deter people and they must be a big success as there were new ones being built.

Chewton Glen review, why this luxury hotel in the English countryside is the perfect place for a family holiday or celebration

All in all, it was all really really good. If the bedroom decor was updated it would be totally perfect despite being a bit bigger than the places we usually go to.

Highly recommended.

Chewton Glen Hampshire


  • 70 rooms
  • 8 tree houses


  • Garden rooms from £325
  • Junior suites from £655
  • Tree houses from £850

For families

  • free children’s buffet at tea time
  • Kids club where you can leave your little one
  • Many rooms where they can add a kids bed
  • Lots of ground to run
  • Friendly other families but a hotel not overrun by kids (as others can be)


  • Tennis court, heated outdoor and indoor pool, croquet,
  • Spa
  • Three restaurants plus food at the bar



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