A propos

A propos

Bonjour! I'm Stéphanie and I love villas and hotels with pools.

I am a Franco-British full time working mum and blogger living in London with my Mr Big and Mademoiselle. The three of us really enjoy staying at unique boutique hotels and villa rentals and we always look for the essential pool!

From the Poolside is my personal collection of delightful holiday places where we stayed or would like to stay.

You can find gorgeous  boutique hotels with pools and villa rentals all perfect for families with young children. They all satisfy my taste for chic interiors and a relaxed approach towards families.

This is my most favourite website ever. I trawl the web for hours trying to find bijou boutique places to stay, for the 2 of us. I generally find those properties who market well, but you have taken this to another level and found the most gorgeous places to stay that I never could find. Thank you .. my holidays and weekend getaways have just got better!

Clara - Bristol

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I can't wait to hear about the next vacation you will have planned thanks to the tips here! A bientôt


PS: "A propos" is "about" in French