Lucknam Park review – a five star luxury hotel really good for families

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It should have been a two hours journey. It ended up taking 6 hours. There’s one little thing we hadn’t planned when we set off happy and excited to go back to the five star luxury hotel Lucknam Park as a family: a flat tyre!


So after a wait by the side of the motorway under the freezing rain for the repair truck and a stop at a garage to replace the tyre, we couldn’t be happier to finally view the classic manor at the end of the magnificent tree-lined driving alley.

A real family-friendly five star luxury hotel

We had been there before as a couple but since our last stay, Lucknam Park, located 20 minutes from Bath,  has redecorated all bedrooms. With these grand suites,  restaurant, brasserie and spa, Lucknam Park  has all the elements for a relaxing stay for adults.

Families should definitely consider it though. While babies and toddlers were not to be seen (although I have no doubt they would cater to them well), there were many school age children and pre-teenagers enjoying themselves. Mademoiselle had a blast with the cabinets in the room, the pool, the horses and the in-room service. She liked it so much that she begged for us to stay another day and I must confess that we obliged.

As for us, we revelled in our spa treatments, read quietly by the pool and did several walks in the beautiful parks. The level of service throughout the stay was so good that it always made us feel at ease and confortable.


And so, hoping that our journey back wouldn’t be as eventful as the way in (it wasn’t, fiouh!), we left Lucknam Park feeling all refreshed and very relaxed.

We’ll be back.


It’s expensive so keep an eye out for regular promotions. We benefited from a special 50% off  promotion via Mr and Mrs Smith.

  • 42 rooms
  • Family rooms: suites have lots of space and Mademoiselle slept in the sofabed.  There are a number of interconnecting and adjoining family rooms.
  • from £230
  • Check latest prices and availability

In short

What I liked (Oh Oui !)

What could be improved (zut alors !)

  • Personal welcome
  • View from the room
  • Newly redecorated
  • Spa with indoor outdoor pool, sauna and lots of steam rooms
  • Nice choice of treatments
  • No hours limit for children in the pool
  • Horses
  • Playground
  • Huge TVs
  • Roaming fire in the lounges and some rooms
  • Children above 5 can eat in the gastronomic restaurant
  • Pancakes at breakfast!
  • The daily morning coffee and tea brought to your room, which they suggest when you check in, is not complimentary
  • More suited to older children
  • Very classic England so older crowd
  • Brasserie lacks atmosphere
  • Breakfast in the hotel is served to your table: there is no buffet to choose from
  • Diner at the Park Restaurant was disappointing with way too long a wait between courses

My tips for your family holidays

  • With a pool, horse center, bikes, croquet, tennis court, playground, there is plenty to keep them occupied.
  • The pool has no set time for children, which any hotel labelling themselves “child-friendly” frankly should abide by (and many don’t, which is a pet peeve of mine) and is open from 7 am to 10 pm. The soundproofing is very good and children played nicely without disturbing people reading on the side.
  • Horse riding lessons and hacks are available. They are pricey though as they are all one on one. Lovely horse stables where you can go see the horses if you don’t have a lesson.
  • The rooms are full of cupboards and cabinets with multiple drawings that became a source of games for Mademoiselle
  • The staff was always very charming to Mademoiselle, chatting with her and genuinely interested in her answers. The gastronomic restaurant even has a child’s menu and you can take your children there if they are above 5 years old.
  • Longleat safari and adventure park is only 40 minutes away

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    • Tha’ts more or less what we did. And I haven’t shown here the lovely outside hydro pool that you can get to from within the indoor pool via sliding doors….

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