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Have you ever dreamed to be one of those stylish Italians always impeccably dressed who go home to this beautifully designed minimalist houses? Well, if you want to do this for just a few days and also have a cultural visit to Florence, now you can by renting one of the lofts at Riva Lofts.

Riva Lofts Florence, design  lofts to rent near the city, with a swimming pool. From 225 Euros per night. View onto the nearby houses.

This group of buildings was a small factory in 1880 but is now transformed into a stylish design hamlet and studio where you can rent a loft for a couple of nights for you and your family.

You get complimentary Italian Buffet Breakfast,  mini bar in each Studio (and the soft-drinks are free), a kettle for coffee or tea and snacks in the living room.

After a visit to the beautiful sights and museums of Florence, relax with a swim in the pool or a glass of Prosecco in the garden. Now that’s what I call La Dolce Vitta !


  • From 225 Euros a night but there are special offers at 165 Euros
  • 5 studios, some good for 4
  • http://www.rivalofts.com/

 All photos by Riva Loft and Daniela Marchi

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