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With the launch of a direct Eurostar service between London and Marseille, it’s never been easier to get to this wonderful city. Here is a hotel with an affordable price.

This will complement the C2 hotel I had mentioned before.

Stairs of the St Charles station in Marseille, France

My first Marseille memory…

is waiting on the big steps of La Gare Saint Charles when I was about 12. We had been on our way to ski from Vendée to the Alps (a 12 hour train journey) when my dad fell ill on the train. We had an emergency stop in Marseille and spent several hours there. Luckily, it was not too serious and we were able to continue our journey that evening and had a brilliant ski week.

It was winter time but I still remember the warm feel of the wind on my face and the sun shining. I was fascinated by all the agitation around me. It was fun, it was noisy, it was different and it stayed in my mind.

A new boutique hotel in the heart of the city

The Alex hotel is precisely located three minutes from the St Charles station’s steps so in the middle of the buzzing city. It is housed in a listed old building but the interiors have been redecorated in a modern style. As a fun element and to acknowledge the diversity of the city, each floor has a different colour.

The owner is keen to create a place where people feel at home. It could really be a good base to start exploring the city, which offers not only picturesque images when you wander through the streets or go to the harbour but also lots of interesting shops, cafes and art.


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  1. WOW. Just, WOW. This place looks right up my husband’s alley. Simple, chic, modern, and yet total charm. I think the different colored paint under each balcony is so fab! Thanks for sharing!

    • The colour coded floor is a fun idea. My favourite decor item from them though are those tiled floors, really love them ! Thanks for your lovely comment.

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