Hotel B Design and Spa review – a bit too “footballer’s wives”

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Have you ever caught a glimpse of “footballer’s wives” ? It was a British TV series following the lives and tribulations of fictional footballers’ wives with all the bling that you can imagine (well it was kind of cheap bling as they were trying to recreate it on the screen but obviously didn’t have the same budget as real footballers’ wives) !

Anyway, that’s what Mr Bigg said when we walked into our room at Hotel B Design and Spa in Maussane, Provence : “it feels like being in footballer’s wives”.

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Hotel B design and Spa

The rooms are big, yes, and they have fancy big showers and sinks and fluff carpet etc.. But the focus on design is so much (they are actually listed on the Design Hotels website) that it lacked atmosphere and charm.

So why are you talking to us about it, will you ask ? Because as I stated in my first post, I want to provide my honest advice on places we have been to. And I also should demonstrate the usual French critical mind some times !

That being said, it has two good pools (the one near the “design” annex where we stayed offering more privacy) and the restaurant is renowned for good simple ingredients cooked well. We tried it and it was good food indeed but the service was way too slow.

I’m also not sure that they have families in mind although the staff was nice. For that reason, I am not doing the usual list of “my family tips”.

I’d say that if you are a die hard design fan, then you may want to look at it. Otherwise, there are some nicer places not far around (I really recommend Le Mas de la Rose)

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