Back to school blues ? A new blog to help you find your next family holidays

September, kids going back to school, tanning starting to fade, getting the umbrella out, heading back to work, birthdays (six in our family !)… Some mixed feelings: satisfaction of being in your house again but a certain holidays nostalgia.

Rentrée ou piscine

If you are anything like me, as soon as you are back, you will think about the next holidays and when you can again be on the poolside relaxing. I found that the best way to help with this is to constantly look for the next hotel or vacation rental by reading blogs, surfing the web or cutting pages from travel magazines.

I spend so much time doing this that my friends often ask me for holiday tips. It’s for them and for those who will recognise themselves in our family that I created “From the Poolside”.

A resource for families looking for stylish holiday places.

From the poolside is my personal selection of chic family boutique hotels and rentals.  As I share my research and our own experiences of these hotels or rental villas, I hope it will help you quickly identify your next family holidays.

You will find in this blog

  • personal reviews of visited places (everybody knows that the French have a critical mind !)
  • hotels or villas that I spotted for future vacations
  • French and English content
  • some random thoughts or news about the boutique hotels industry


  • boutique hotels
  • luxury hotels
  • charming B&Bs
  • stylish villas and self-catering rental

Feedback please !

I have worked on this blog for the past few months and will be very happy to receive comments, questions and feedback. My voice will hopefully evolve over time and I hope that, with your help, this blog will become as much as a useful tool for you as a creative outlet for me (win win !).

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