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One of the great pleasures of running this blog is helping you find a nice vacation and I’m never happier than when people who submitted me a holiday challenge say that they had a great time at one of the places I found for them.

Colonna resort, near Rome, View from the bedroom

Today, Frédérique was kind enough to report back on her experience at Colonna resort which I had listed amongst various recommendations for a love weekend in Rome and Lazio.

Here are her words and photos. I hope it helps you decide whether Colonna Resort would be a good destination for you too.

Merci beaucoup Frédérique !

This was an edgy experience…

Edgy in terms of design, culinary adventure and massage.

You have to love concrete, brown leather, big volumes, straight lines, grey on the walls but colours in your plates. For us it was perfect !

After a few days in the classicism of Rome – this was our first visit to the city so we had to go to the obvious tourist sights- this immersion in Italian design was pure delight. From the bedroom to the scrambled egg, which was delicious according to my husband who is an expert in that department, we enjoyed every moment of our experience in Colonna resort.

We were the only ones on the first evening as it was low season and we had about 10 people attending to us alone ! It can feel a bit weird to be alone in a vast concrete room but again, this was an unmissable experience as the hotel is first and foremost the table of a renowned Italan chef.  It’s also a kind of food laboratory with a lot of cooks and trainees in the kitchen.

Don’t be put off by the drive by the highway on your way to the hotel, the place is actually very quiet. The staff is of high quality (heads up they don’t all speak English).

Finally it’a fabulous place but one that I would recommend for a romantic weekend rather than a family break.


  • 52 minutes from Rome
  • 12 rooms
  • From 200€
  • Website

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