Want to live like a Parisian? Luxury rental website Onefinestay launches in Paris.

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I had been in touch with Onefinestay to inquire about the possibility of renting our house when we go away.  It’s a luxury version of airbnb (which I used twice in Paris to great effect, reviews to come soon). So far, they were only in London but have announced in September that they are now opening in Paris (and Los Angeles as well).


They call themselves an “unhotel” and provide an amazing service to both owners and visitors. If you visit, they will provide you with an iphone that reads tags in the house you rent so that you can have more information on an equipment. It also comes with personal tips from the owner in terms of places to go to in the neighborhood.

Generally they rent big family houses so it’s worth considering if there are many of you as it’s quite expensive compared to the places you find in airbnb.

Anyway, one site to add to the list of resources to check when looking to rent a house for a family holidays.



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