Spotted – C2 Hotel in Marseille

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If you go to Provence, you may fly to Marseille to get there faster. If  you have never stayed in the Phocean city before, it is worth spending at least a day and night. It’s a fascinating town: wander on the port, explore the old town, shop in all the independent boutiques, soak in the warm, exciting and vibrant atmosphere. You won’t regret it.


Today, I spotted the C2 hotel, a 19th century building which has kept its wooden floors, chimneys and antique features but added a modern vibe, a spa, an indoor pool and even a beach (well it’s actually an island off Marseille).  A new one to add to my list of five star luxury hotels. Not too sure about the floor covering in some rooms but otherwise, quite a striking place and the view from the terrace is amazing.

They also offer complimentary stay for children under 12 years old.


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