Aman Venice – lunch review and a peek at the rooms

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We had a fabulous time in Venice and our lunch break at Aman Venice certainly was a highlight!

If your children are above 7 years old, it can be a great family holiday.  See how we spent our 4 days together there. The atmosphere of the city is magical, the transport by boat will delight them, there is gelato, pizza and pasta, and you if they are into history, there is a lot to enjoy.

Mademoiselle was a trouper and walked with us several hours a day without complaining too much.  My tip: give them something sweet every three hour and they start again like an endless bunny.

How to enjoy the Aman without spending thousands

We stayed at the Gritti Palace (read my review) but had looked at the Aman,.  For most people now it’s known as the place where George Clooney got married but if you are into luxury hotels, Aman is actually synonym of a very special  experience and of high indulgence indeed.

At a minimum of 1000 Euros a night for the entry category, it is however difficult to afford so I suggest you do what we did: book lunch or diner there! That way, you can enjoy the superb architecture and decor at a more (although still expensive for what it is) price.

We were lucky to have a tour of the hotel by one of the lovely staff so I can actually give you a bit more info about the place, even though we didn’t sleep there.

A stunning palazzo

You have to arrive by boat at the Aman as the arrival via the streets is less glamourous.  The back entrance opens into a green area but the back of the building looks a bit like something from the 70’s.  Only some of the lights make you feel that there could be more to come.

Once you enter, though, that is another story.  A huge hallway with nothing in it, just a desk and a gentleman who immediately takes your coat and direct you towards the ample stairway. Its width must be about 3 to 4 m!

The restaurant and bar is located on the first floor. The room is absolutely stunning: tall windows open onto a balcony overlooking a grand canal, the golden moulding on the walls reminds you that you are in a palazzo,  the height of the ceiling draws your eyes to the amazing Murano chandelier.

Aman Venice, the magnificient staircase from the lobby to the first floor. Aman Venice, an original Murano Chandelier in the bar

In that magnificent space, the typical minimalist Aman design works very very well. An harmony of grey, white, black and beige unifies the sofas, tables, chairs and cutlery.

Lunch at the Aman Venice

We were directed to the best table in the room given that there was only one other couple having lunch that day!  The middle one by the window!

We chose some starters, some salad with fresh tuna, a mix of Italian and Asian style and a massive Club Sandwich.  We probably should have chosen one of the cooked dishes to really appreciate the chef’s cooking.

However, the service was absolutely spot on.  Attentive, discreet but present, a touch of friendliness and warmth when needed.  Really special!

Lunch at the Aman Venice. Delicious olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Fusion italian-asian salad.

A private visit of the rooms where George Clooney had his wedding!

So nice was the master lady who waited on us that she offered to show us the bedrooms and other parts of the hotel that you normally can’t see if you are not a paying night guest!

We got to discover one of the suites opening onto the grand canal and the garden bordering it where breakfast is served in the summer. A very special room with of course an immense space, design furniture, a massive bathroom and what appeared to be very confortable sheets.  I have no doubt that one would spend a fabulous night there!

Then we were taken to the top floor and this is really the gem of the place: a series of lounges for the guests to relax and a super library with dark wooden shelves where you feel like you could be the owner of the Palazzo. This floor by the way is where George Clooney had his wedding dinner whereas they had the ceremony in the restaurant room where we had our lunch!  And no, I didn’t even ask, the lady kindly volunteered that information.

I didn’t want to be rude so didn’t take photos of this amazing space but trust me, it is very very special!


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