Casa Talia, a little gem of a boutique hotel in Sicily

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Iceland vs Sicily, what should it be for our Easter break?

You see, we would like to have some sun but know that around April, short of going to Dubai or Tenerife, which frankly don’t tempt us, it’s going to be difficult to find a hot place.  We might as well bite the bullet, stay with the cold and discover a quite special countryside in Iceland.

However, this little gem of a Bed and Breakfast in Sicily could tip the balance to the other side.

Casa Talia is the project of  a couple of young married architects who decided to live the busy life of Milan to adopt the slow life of Sicily.  They found and restored this old building where each of the room is actually a old house and opens onto the garden with magnificient view over the Unesco city Modica.

They are also very family friendly with extra beds free for kids under three years old and a couple of triple or quadruple rooms perfect for families.

I think my mind is made up between Iceland and Sicily !



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