5 modern Bilbao hotels for a cultural weekend – holiday challenge #13

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It’s been some time since I had a holiday challenge to complete. Since late October, I think actually.  Do not hesitate to submit yours, be it even small.  I love exploring different regions that we haven’t considered yet and that you are suggesting. I also know from the reader survey that it’s one that you like reading a lot.

I have two new ones for us : one this week and one next week.  Today, we start with my dad actually and his idea to treat my mum to a nice stay in Bilbao for a bit of Spanish culture and relaxation.

The challenge

  • A nice hotel in Bilbao ideally to be able to go to the museum and walk around
  • If a luxury one is worth it, they are ready to travel outside of Bilbao
  • For a birthday celebration
  • No limit to the budget due to the special occasion!

I am breaking this challenge in two parts: today, we look only at places in Bilbao and tomorrow we’ll explore a few places in the surrounding areas.  The list for today includes both really cheap places (59 Euros anyone ?) to five star luxury so there should be enough to please everyone.

Hotel Miro

  • 50 rooms
  • From 75 Euros a night
  • Website
Miro Hotel, Bilbao, Spain, just next to the Guggenheim museum. Deisgn at affordable prices
© Hotel Miro

A member of Design Hotels, Hotel Miro is perfectly located next to the Guggenheim museum and a short walk from the old neighborhood.  Prices are really attractive and

Basque Boutique

  • From 60 Euros, a room for 4 is 110 Euros
  • Website

Basque boutique, a hostel in Bilbao, Spain, with rooms each themed as per a Basque country cultural item and great bathrooms. A bargain too and well located.  Rooms start at 55 euros !

No frill here as this is a hostel but with each room carefully decorated to highlight the basque country culture.  Some are a bit weird but I love the bathrooms all with lovely tiles.

Hotel Carlton

Hotel Carlton, Bilbao, Spain. Not a boutique hotel as it has 172 rooms but classic luxury which can be nice for a special occasion.  Room price starts at 230 euros
© Carlton

Not boutique as it has 172 rooms but certainly luxury in the classic way: massive hallway, majestic staircase, big bedrooms and top notch service.

Gran Hotel Domine

Grand Domine Hotel, Bilbao, Spain.  Luxury hotel with designers galore in the furniture and a great view on the museum.

Big focus on design here with the building overseen by  Javier Mariscal, and furniture by Philippe Starck, Alvar Aalto  and Arne Jacobsen taps. It is very well located as the suites on the fifth floor face Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim museum .

Hotel Embarcadero

Hotel Embarcadero, Bilbao, Spain. An old basque villa with great view on the seaside but some rooms may need a refresh.
© Hotel Embarcadero

Right on the promenade of Getxo next to the old pier guarantees a nice view. Some rooms may look a bit in need of a refresh.

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