How can I make this blog better for you? Reader survey time!

I am on constant brainstorming with this blog and I love the creative rush that it gives me. But the sense of personal satisfaction is heightened when you, dear reader, interact with me either via comments, or when you submit a holiday challenge.

macaroons in a purple box, cofee in a recyclable cup on a wooden table

This year, I’d like the blog to be a beautiful but more importantly a helpful holiday resource for all of you.

To achieve this, I need to know you better. Ideally, we would meet over a cup of coffee and share some of these delicious macaroons but it might not be very practical (although if some of you fancy that, just drop me a line !).

So I would love it if you could spend 5 minutes (no more, I promise) filling a quick survey. It’s more about you than about this blog so for that reason, if you have friends who are into stylish holiday places too, do share that link with them.

You can fill it below or go to the link mentioned before.

Thank you very very much in advance !


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I will publish the summary of results here and it will of course inform the evolution of this blog.
Merci beaucoup !

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