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I am VERY guilty of reading lots of blogging resources, blogs, books, tips etc.. I have developed a LONG list of “to do” on the blog and instead of doing them, I just keep adding to it because I found yet another  great blogging  resource.

A 30 days challenge to stop reading about blogging to focus on Doing instead on your blog. Join me and create your own list of 30 things to do on your blog to feel a sense of achievement.

So today, I am challenging myself to a #BloggingSartDoing challenge. For the next 30 days or so, in any case before Christmas, I vow to

  • stop reading anything about blogging. I will just keep those wonderful posts in my Feedly as unread and will get back to them later
  • do one of the action items listed below
  • tweet about it and post something on Pinterest or Instagram.

The rules

for me are

  1. keep posting my regular content here about boutique hotels and stylish rental places
  2. break action items in smaller chunks so that they are achievable every day as I still have a full time job and a family to look after
  3. not research the item itself any longer but just get cracking with it
  4. not be tied to the order of the list but go with the one that feels good and achievable on the day

How you can join me

1. Establish your own list of action items by

  • taking all the highlights from your Kindle readings (go to your account and you can copy and paste all your highlights from there)
  • looking at your Instapaper or any other app and select those saved articles that you kept with the idea of “oh i’ll do that later”
  • turn this into action items on paper or on an online list tool (I use Workflowy)

2. Follow the hashtag #bloggingStartDoing on Twitter and Instagram

3. let me know what you’ve done and how you’re getting on. If we do it together, we’ll be much more efficient.

The list

here is what I want to achieve.

  • Brainstorms
    1. content marketing strategy : which content on which network
    2. finish business plan
    3. create editorial calendar for the year based on holidays
    4. Pinterest strategy
    5. look at my network and list people’s skills that could be useful in creating something different for the blog
    6. brainstorm list of posts for big personal project
    7. brainstorm list of posts for holiday help/resources
  • Research
    1. create a word cloud of sites of competitors’sites
    2. review nappyvalleynet research requests and put them in a word cloud
  • Content
    1. guest blog : contact places to get photos authorisation
    2. guest blog : write first draft
    3. new feature idea : mockup design
    4. new feature idea : research content for first one
    5. find help for extra content idea
  • Design
    1. try carousel
    2. create a Start Here page
    3. replace tag clouds with visuals
    4. photo session for new about page
    5. create new About page
  • Improvements
    1. Add WP Optimize
    2. review home page headline
    3. Pinterest – reorganise boards
  • Measurement
    1. Create separate sheet for each of the following metrics: A. Your total unique visitors B. Your total visitors from each of the top 10 sources of traffic C. Your average visitor duration
    2. Create a column for every month for each sheet.  So you’ll want a total of 12 columns for each of the three sheets.  These will be updated on a monthly basis;
  • Email
    1. Create freebie
    2. Create template in mail chimp
    3. Send mail to subscribers telling them of change
    4. add opt-in form at end of each post
    5. Switch

Wish me luck !

And you, are there things you want to do on your blog but keep postponing because you spend too much time reading about it rather than doing it ? 

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  1. Hi Stephanie. Thank you for the challenge. I will take the challenge and you can check on me & I’ll check on you. I’ve been procrastinating for some months now. However, to be fair to myself I hadn’t found my unique topic that I’m passionate about, will earn $s and not many others are blogging about it. I’ve just worked this last bit out so I’ll give it a go. Good Luck Stephanie. I’ll keep in touch.

  2. HI Jo Ann, thank you for joining me in the challenge ! It’s nice not to be alone. And congrats on finally finding your topic, how exciting ! What is it and is the blog live yet ? Would love to follow you.

  3. Great article! I think I will accept this challenge as well. I just started my first blog but have only written one introduction post so far. I have been spending all of my time researching how to have a successful blog so I don’t mess it up. But it will never be anything if I don’t start blogging about all these ideas I have!

    • Great, am glad that this post encouraged you to get going with it. Don’t worry, if you put your heart and true self in your blog, you won’t mess it up. I would suggest that indeed you start posting a few more posts on the blog and then you can start promoting it. Good luck with it all. Let me know how it is going.

  4. This is great!
    I keep doing the same, my pinterest boards are full of things “to-do” for my blog, but I try to tackle them little by little…still, I find myself every now and then drowning in blog updates, and with my full time job this means absolute and utter *exhaustion*

    Let’s do this!


    • I am so glad that this gave you the motivation to get cracking. Would love to see your list and look forward to following your progress with the hashtag. Thank you very much for coming here and giving me even more motivation too 🙂

  5. This is a great strategy! I keep putting things on the back burner and reading about them instead of implementing a concrete plan! I was doing well and then got distracted with some personal things…now I think I gotta get back on it! My only concern is, a lot of the things on my list are things that I know I need to do…I just don’t actually know what I should be doing (or how to)! I gotta get a more organized list together!


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