Should you start a YouTube channel over 50?

Last year, I started a YouTube channel at over 50 and wondered if it was the right medium for me. I am in my fifties and a lot of YouTubers are much younger and so is the audience.

However, I do like the challenge and as I consider 2022 goals, I wanted to remind myself of the reasons why it could be a good idea to start a YouTube channel over 50 so that I can be motivated to create more videos.

Is it too late to start something new over 50 to try to become a YouTuber? Will I look ridiculous? Do I care? Or is a journey more important than the destination?

Is 50 too old to start a YouTube channe?

I read an article saying that people in their 50s are actually much less likely to create something new than when in their 40s and 30s and I found it very depressing! I don’t want to think that because I’m past 50 I can’t create something new and I can’t try new things.

I really want to keep learning, discovering and being challenged, so that’s why I thought “Why not try to be a YouTube channel person?”

Why I wanted to start a YouTube channel over 50

I’ve been in the online space for a long time (it’s actually my job, I’m a digital communications expert) and I’ve had this blog since 2003. From that I created a newsletter, an Instagram channel, Facebook page – boring so I won’t even link to it, Twitter and an app.

There are four reasons I wanted to try this:

1. Creating something

The article I talked about really made me think – No! I’m not done creating, I’m not done learning, I’m not done meeting new people,being challenged and getting out of my comfort zone.

I still want to do that and maybe this way, to get myself out there in front of cameras talking to probably barely nobody to start, but hopefully a bit more later on, is going to give me this push.

I also think it’s important to show my daughter that at any time, any age, you can create something, you can develop, you can explore. I think it’s a very good life lesson.

2. New income stream

I do think it’s important to consider new income streams probably throughout your life, but i’m just thinking about it now, because it gives you more freedom.

I’ve been in a corporate job forever, for all my career and I really like it. I met lots of people, I learned and traveled to different countries. I worked and lived in three different countries which was really nice but I’m not sure that in 10-15 years I will still want to do that.

So I want to be able at any time to say ‘I’m stopping’ or ‘I’m doing the corporate part-time and I’m doing the other thing the rest of the time’. That flexibility, that freedom is really important.

And so that’s why i’m trying this YouTube channel.

It may not bring me a lot of money but that’s okay – you know if you don’t take a risk, if you don’t start you never know whether you’re gonna make it or not!

3. Consistency challenge

I have no problems being consistent and delivering at work, but I’ve had problems with my blog. I’ve noticed that I start very enthusiastic and say I’m gonna post every week for two months in January and February and it gets me more traffic and more viewers and more conversation. But then I let it go and I didn’t focus.

However, recently Ali Abdal, who has this fabulous course about YouTube which inspired me a lot, had this tweet which was if you post a video every week for two years I guarantee you that your life will change, and suddenly I had a reason to be consistent.

There is a why – the why is that there’s going to be some kind of surprise at the end of it or throughout it and it really motivated me. I’m hoping that’s going to be the clue to me being more consistent with this channel.

4.Enjoying the journey

Again Ali in his course talks about enjoying the journey not the destination and I think that’s absolutely key. Learning to enjoy the moment, learning to enjoy what you’re doing right now.

I started my blog because I wanted it to be a creative outlet. All those years ago it was a hobby just for me and it was fun. I really liked it and I fell into the job of wanting more followers and trying monetization and all of that. I lost the origin of my interest.

I want to go back to that and I want to really remember that lesson for anything that happens between now and the rest of my life. If in the process that makes me a 53 year old YouTuber, then let the fun begin!

This is when I went from being depressed about an article to doing something about it and I really hope that is going to inspire you as well or at least spark some thoughts!

And if you want the video version of this, watch me below on that YouTube channel 😉

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