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Chewton Glen has actually been on my radar for their very attractive Tree Houses. Mademoiselle would love it as an adventure. However, the price is really high (and one can’t always go on five star luxury hotels breaks) so I’m waiting for some kind of promotion to possibly book them one day (or to be invited, one can dream !).

Chewton Glen, luxury hotel in the UK in the New Forest

In a recent business away day, Mr Big was lucky to stay at Chewton Glen so this review is really based on his experience there. He did see  the Tree Houses which are conveniently located away from the main building and look great.

Personal touches and impeccable service

Service is what impressed Mr Big the most. The ratio is 3 staff to one guest as per the brochure he brought back. A personal letter also welcomed him in his room and throughout the stay they were really well looked after.

The room was massive and it was not a suite. Look at the picture below.  They say that 40 sq meters is the average size of the smallest room ! Grounds were lovely too.

Overall there is huge space at Chewton Glen, and this what made Mr Big hesitate to say that we should go there as a family. Maybe it’s not intimate enough.

Choose the best room based on the floor plan

That being said, if you like or can afford five star luxury, it certainly ticks many of the boxes : great rooms, good food, amazing spa. If you are lucky to go, look at the floor plan to choose the right room and then let us know what your experience was.


What Mr Bigg liked (Oh Oui !)

What could be improved (zut alors !)

  • The bedroom size, all massive
  • The location : an easy drive from London
  • The 10′ walk to the beach
  • Service was impeccable
  • Grounds are lovely
  • Spa and indoor pool were a treat
  • It’s a big estate so not really a boutique hotel feeling
  • Maybe a bit corporate


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