Spotted -stylish affordable B&B in London – Russell’s of Clapton


This will probably be more useful to my non-Uk readers (bonjour, buenos dias, gutten tag, etc…). Here is a good address for a stylish and affordable B&B in London .

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© Russell’s of Clapton

It’s called Russell of Clapton and for me really represents trendy London. The design picks pieces from the 6Os and the 70’s but places them in an uncluttered way. Annette, the owner, cooks her own version of the traditional breakfast and the setting is in Hackney, East London, near the Olympic park. This is an area seeing huge developments.

So sure, it’s not right bang in Central London but that’s also why the prices are so good (less than £100 for the first room) and this guarantees you a true taste of the hippy trendy London.


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