Chateau Saint Pierre de Serjac review – why you’ll find this concept perfect for your family holidays

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Disclaimer: I was a guest of St Pierre de Serjac for a one night stay.  We paid for our food and drinks. I had no contractual obligation to write this blog post or create content on any platform.  This review is my own independent opinion of a stay at St Pierre de Serjac.

Thinking of your summer holidays?  I have a great place for you to discover: Chateau St Pierre de Serjac.  The concept is perfect for families who want to enjoy French life without too much hassle and are looking for both privacy and the opportunity for their children to find friends.

  • 8 rooms in the hotel
  • 36 self-catering properties, 17 of them with their own swimming pool
  • Double rooms from €168
  • 2 bedrooms villas from 454Euros in the summer
  • The outdoor pool is family-friendly and there is lots of space
  • Children’s club in the summer
  • Bikes to borrow
  • The children can swim in the spa only during school holidays and at set times
  • Kids’tea
  • 30-metre-long heated outdoor pool open to all
  • 50sq m indoor hydrotherapy pool in the spa for guests aged 16 and older only
  • Spa with four treatment room by Le Spa Cinq Mondes, an indoor/outdoor solarium, an aromatherapy hammam and sauna
  • Tennis court
  • Petanque court
  • Restaurant
  • You can fly direct to Beziers which is only 30 minutes away or to Montpellier, one hour away.
  • You will need a car

Chateau St Pierre de Serjac review in summary

What we liked

Worth knowing

  • Large heated outdoor pool
  • Have thought of many things for families self catering : kids activitites, extra cleaning possible, can deliver hamper and cooked meals
  • Good idea would be to rent and have grand parents stay in the chateau for instance
  • Spa when you want to have time to yourselves.
  • Great bed in the hotel
  • Many of the villas have stairs so less apropriate for toddlers.  Les Carrasses is more intimate and better for them.
  • Restaurant: difficult to judge on one night as only guests. Good and fresh produce but not any major surprise. We would have liked the service to make it a bit more special, for instance by giving more details when serving the dishes. 
  • Spa closed at 18:00 on our visit, which seemed a bit early.
  • You also have to pay an extra day rate for the spa if you are not having a treatment.

An attainable and friendly private club in France

St Pierre de Serjac has nailed this perfectly.  The founders of this hotel and self-catering estate with services have been at it for a few years, first at Chateau les Carrasses and for the past couple of years at St Pierre de Serjac as well.

Want the sense of a private club but without formality? Want lots of services like a hotel but also your own privacy? Want to meet new people and have your kids make friends? Well, St Pierre de Serjac has thought of everything.  It really reminded me of  Soho Farmhouse with the added bonus of being in France, being much more attainable and less self-obsessed!

We stayed at Chateau les Carrasses renting a flat in its first summer of operation and last week we were also kindly invited to experience the hotel at St Pierre de Serjac in November.

I can therefore really give you a fair view of how it works in both season and both settings.

Discover the Languedoc region in a chateau stay

The setting for both properties is the beautiful Languedoc region, between Montpellier and Toulouse.  The countryside is lush, there are rivers and canals to explore, typical villages to visit and, in the case of Serjac, you are only 30 minutes to the nearest beach.

The castle dates from the 19th century and, while grand, retain a family house atmosphere that makes it really welcoming.  This is where you’ll find the bar and the restaurant and several very spacious bedrooms.   

Serjac hotel review.  A boutique hotel blogger point of view of this self-catering with hotel services concept in the Languedoc Roussillon, France.  Great for family holidays in France.

We stayed in number 5 on the second floor.  Great view over the swimming pool and a huge bathroom.  I was delighted to see that toiletries were from Le Cinq Mondes spa. I love the smell of their products.  I must say that the bed was particularly comfortable and we slept like babies.

We arrived just in time to enjoy the spa which we were lucky to have to ourselves! I had had a few particular stressful months at work and was close to burnout but being in the heated pool with the warming lights on my own as the sun set down made me relax right away.  The big lounge chairs were adorned with fake furs and very soft blankets. Mr Big made good use of the sauna and steam room.  He was not daring enough to try the ice-cold bucket though!

The treatments are provided by Le Spa 5 Mondes.  When I lived in Paris , I was enjoying their rituals regularly and I can tell you that they are superb.

Being part of the local community

In the morning, after a good breakfast, I was shown around the estate by the Hotel manager.  He explained to me the philosophy of the place and in particular the intention to be of great service to the guest and very professional but to remain a friendly and casual place. I think it achieves this perfectly.

I also particularly liked what he said about the desire to stay very close to the local community. Much of the staff is from the region (and I must say they were all very charming) and they also arrange various events to welcome the locals so that they feel that it’s their chateau too.  There was to be a Christmas market for instance just after our visit and they also host big events in the massive barn.

Self-catering villas with hotel services

Touring around the domain, I was able to get into a few villas. Those properties are really what makes Serjac special and I would encourage you to try them.  

Chateau St Pierre de Serjac concept is perfect for families who want to enjoy French life without too much hassle and are looking for both privacy and the opportunity for their children to find friends.

The outbuildings have all been transformed into self-catering villas or maisonettes. The renovation has been carefully designed respecting the ancient architecture: old beams, exposed stone walls, antique tiles.  The interior design is tastefully done, letting the old stones take centre stage, and using tones of greys and blues to complement them. Some of them have special touches such as wine cellar built in the lower ground (but locked as it belongs to the owner of the house) or a shower room in a turret! The particularity of each house is that every bedroom is en suite so if you choose to share a house with another family, you are still guaranteed a lot of privacy.  Well thought yet again!

When we had stayed at Les Carrasses, we had the use of a flat as there were only the three of us but it was similarly very pleasant.

All of them have some outdoor space, whether a terrace, a balcony or a garden.  And 16 of them have their own private pools.

Chateau de Serjac has something to please every member of the family: grandparents, parents and children.

Talking of pools, the 30 meters heated outdoor swimming pool is a beauty.  It takes centre stage and is the place where all families can relax and see their kids having fun.  There are plenty of lounges and the size of the pool means that it probably never feels too busy.

We have great memories of some very relaxing times at the nearly as big pool in Les Carrasses. The fact that you could get drinks served to you on the poolside was a big plus for us.

Serjac hotel review.  A boutique hotel blogger point of view of this self-catering with hotel services concept in the Languedoc Roussillon, France.  Great for family holidays in France.

Kids will love it here;  Bikes are available for them to use and they can just roam free around the estate.  In the morning, they can go and get the bread and croissants in the chateau and bring that back to the houses.  In the summer there is a kids club for children between 4 and 12 and a kids tea.  If it rains, St Pierre de Serjac has thought of everything again with a long list of ideas for what to do in the region.  And of course, you can take them to the beach.

Good for wine lovers too!

Parents will find plenty to keep themselves amused as well.  I talked of the spa already but you could also try some wine tasting sessions or vineyard visits.  St Pierre de Serjac is surrounded by vineyards as they have a partnership with the vineyard owners and have a winery on site.  You could play pétanque or a game of tennis. Or just relax, knowing that you can have drinks and food from the pool bar or the restaurant, or have take-out food and drink for your dinner back in your villa.

Again, when we stayed at Les Carrasses, we took advantage of the takeaway options and of the relaxed restaurants. It was really good to have so many different options for your meals.

As you can see, there is much to like if you love your holidays to be set in the beauty of France, with English service and the possibility to both relax, be on your own but also make friends and socialise when you feel like it.

Have a try and let me know what you think.

Chateau Saint Pierre de Serjac, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

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