Casas do Coro, Portugal – hotel or self-catering, it’s your choice!

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Earlier, I posted about 7 places where the kids can make friends. Today, I have another place where you can rent a house and also have friends staying with you in another villa or indeed make new friends.


It’s called Casas do Coro and is in Portugal,  near the Spanish border, in the top part of a hilltop village called Marialva.  You can either stay in the hotel or rent one of the self-contained  individual buildings at the base of the castle walls. Some are in renovated old houses and some are purpose built but blend well into the place.

The accommodation could work as well for a couple or for a family or a group of friends.  Some cottages are split into self-contained rooms with kitchenettes, or have a shared kitchen for a group rental. So you can choose to be either totally self-catering but also use the services of the hotel for breakfast or dinner.

The kids will surely find friends in the shared pool and the parents will love the hot tubs or the peace of the place (only 30 people live in the village !).


  • 6 rooms in the main house which serves as hotel
  • 10 villas/flats for 4 to 6 people
  • From 175€ to 420 € per night




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