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Once or twice a year, I try to schedule a weekend to myself in Paris .  I have now left Paris for more than 10 years and I love going back to catch up with my friends.  I also do a bit of shopping, eat great food and now that I blog, I try to stay in one of the hotels I spotted and featured here.

This time, it was a flash visit, less than 12h, but I still managed to fit a diner with my childhood friend and a stay at the up and coming (and pictured many times) Hotel Henriette.

So did reality match the beautiful pictures? In a word, yes. I found that the peace and sweetness that the photos exude was definitely there.

Peace and quiet in a side paved street

First of all, the hotel is in a side street off the Avenue des Gobelins (make sure when you exit the metro to look for “Rue” des Gobelins not “Avenue”, which is the big street).  It still has its old “pavés” (square stone) and is very quiet.

The bedroom I got was unfortunately not in the colours I prefer (dark green and gold) but the soft bed cover brought that sense of sweetness that characterises the hotel.


I arrived very late (midnight) so could only explore the hotel in the morning. The lovely interior decor touches everywhere (a mix of 50’s, scandinavian style and unique finds) makes you feel very at home. The breakfast room and the outside courtyard is absolutely lovely.  I was of course busy taking as many photos as I can and, chatting to the lady helping at breakfast, was apparently not the only one!

The killer is the breakfast : a fabulous spread of breads, cakes, hams, cheese, fruits, cereals etc.. all of this for 12 Euros, which is really a great price for a hotel in Paris.

I left telling them that I will be back.  At the special price of 89 Euros a room, you can’t really do better in Paris.


What I liked

What could be improved

  • very peaceful
  • amazing breakfast at 12 Euros
  • lovely decor touches everywhere
  • very nice big shower
  • good space at the end of the bed to move around
  • proper closet for your clothes
  • finish of the paintings and installation is a bit “DIY”
  • very limited toiletries
  • price is high if you don’t get a special deal (which they have many of on their website).  I paid 89 Euros, which is great, but the full price of 189 Euros would have been too much
  • location is a bit off track



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