Tainaron Blue Retreat, a beautiful restored tower in Mani, Greece

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Who wants to join me on these chairs?  Very tempting, isn’t it?  Well, this my friends is Tainaron Blue Retreat, a new hotel just opened in Mani on the Greek Peloponese.

It is actually a restored 19th century stone tower which has been transformed into what they call a “Luxury Traditional Hotel” in Mani.  Where is Mani I hear you ask ?  It is near  Cape Tainaron which, I learned is not only  the southernmost geographical point of mainland Greece but also of mainland Europe.

Tainaron Blue, boutique hotel in Malni, Greece. Two chairs from the poolside

Tainaron Blue is now a unique retreat with 3 bedrooms, a pool and a restaurant.  Breakfast and meals are served on the patio by the pool or on the wooden deck of the veranda.  personally the photo below of the champagne on a table between two trees or of the wine glasses on the edge of the cliff really make me lounge for my next drink !

I just love the decor, especially the shared kitchen but also the sinks built inside the rock itself.

The architects I’ve been in touch with talked about the complexity of restoring the tower as they both wanted to respect its structure and foundation but also needed to make it work for guest rooms and modern bathrooms.  I think the result is just spectacular !

As they say [themify_quote]The four floors, with their relatively limited interior spaces that comprise of three bedrooms with bathroom and shared kitchen, breakfast and reception space, are organized along a vertical axis, allowing guests to have the unique experience of moving through narrow openings (“waterfalls”), wooden stairs or rocks protruding from the walls and arches (“steps”).[/themify_quote]

The hotel is friendly towards families with a room that has a single room attached to it and a family suite.

If you want isolation and serenity, this place is the right one!  Logging off now, I’ll see you soon on the poolside 😉


  • 3 bedrooms
  • One double bedroom with another double bed on the loft (great for families with two children)
  • One with a single bedroom attached to it (great for families with one child)
  • From 200€
  • Tainaron blue


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