Domaine de Murtoli review – I found paradise on earth!

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Domaine de Murtoli: where all your worries fly away

The best short review that I can give about the Domaine de Murtoli is this: I’ve had months of stress and serious worries before coming but two days into this place and the black clouds had lifted.  I finally was getting back to being myself and to normal life. The sense of peace and relaxation brought on by nature, silence and beauty was priceless.

The greatest luxury of all here is nature in all its glory and silence. Rolling hills and mountains, poppies, buttercups and all kind of purple flowers dotting the green lush grass, soft white sand and the turquoise water of the beach.There is no noise apart from the birds songs, the wind in the trees or the lizards running fast across the rocks.

Paradise can’t be described, you have to experience it!  I will try though!

A private estate just for you

The Domaine de Murtoli is a vast estate with 8km of coast and only 22 shepherds houses to rent. Each house is totally isolated with either a view of the valley or the beach or just the countryside. There is so much space that you really feel like you are part of a very small group of privileged Robinsons.

We booked A Pila which is for three people and further from the beach so cheaper. It is still a beautiful place with a big garden and like every house a summer kitchen and a heated pool.

Inside, you’re ravished by the wonderful smell of dried lavender and freshly cut wild flowers and the beeswax used on the antique furniture that reminded me of my grandparents’ houses.  Modern comforts are all present though with very comfy beds, WiFi, a big and powerful shower and even air conditioning.

In the winter you can also make your own fire in the big fireplace.

Eat, sleep, repeat!

From that base you can just relax here with no disturbance, go for long walks in the glorious estate, drive down to the beach or even enjoy a game of golf as there is one designed by a famous golf specialist.

Mr Big, Mademoiselle and I took it easy with swims in the pool, ball games in the garden, sleeping on the beach, and a lot of reading. Oh and also a few massages, which you can have outdoors at the beach too.

As food goes you can just go full self catering or enjoy one of the three restaurants or order from the catering menu. All is absolutely top quality. We ordered the chicken one night and it came in it’s own navy Le Creuset pot with vegetables and lots of juice!

But what we enjoyed the most was the fabulous Table de la Plage, the restaurant on the beach.

From the beach or the seashore you can’t see it at all. It is totally hidden in the trees in a series of little terraces. The food is delicious and beautifully presented. Sitting here and admiring the view we felt very privileged and very much on holidays.

Domaine de Murtoli likes children

Families are well catered for. We saw several with tiny babies, toddlers or primary school children like Mademoiselle.

There are many houses for groups of all sizes, babysitting if you want to go to the gastronomic restaurant, activities for them in the summer (Gauthier who looks after them told me that he takes them to see the honey bees, the animals in the farm, diving or that he organises mini challenges on the beach) and the wildlife to explore: wild boars, pheasants, lizards, foxes can all be seen roaming freely at various seasons.

You can also take the kids to the garden and pick fresh vegetables and fruits with them.

The paradise exists and it’s in Murtoli

The owners of Murtoli know that they have something special and they have applied a wonderful sense of taste and attention to keep it that way. From the purple colour that is the mark of the domain and lifts every setting, to the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, to the conscious decision not to spoil that place with extra buildings.

They have created something truly special and I can’t wait to enjoy it again.

Domaine de Murtoli, Corsica


  • 22 shepherds’ houses ranging for two people to 14


  • 2 bedrooms one start at 170 Euros (in winter) to 1260 Euros a night in high season. Go for mid season (May) and it’s 270 Euros only.
  • Houses for 4 people are between 320 euros a night to 2310 Euros in August!

For families

  • Cot & highchair available in the houses for two people
  • Several houses are for 2 plus 1 with your child sleeping in a boat bed in the living room (see photo)
  • Activities for children during the school holidays
  • Beach, animals, farm, heated outdoor pool…


  • Golf
  • Private beach
  • Three restaurants: La Ferme, la Table de la Grotte, la Table de la Plage (open when it’s nice weather)
  • Massages and beauty treatments
  • Delivery of grocery
  • Can arrange hunting, fishing, horse riding, etc…



  • Nearest airport is Figari and it’s then only a 25 min drive to the domain. You can also fly to Ajaccio which is about 90 min away.
  • You DO need a car there to go from your house to the various places. Check Directions for options from your home.


  1. Many thanks for this exhaustive review which describes quite precisely what we want to share and what we wish our guests to experience !
    It has been a sincere pleasure to welcome you.
    Just to mention, new flights from London Stansted have been launched by AIR CORSICA since May (to Ajaccio) and early June (to Figari). They are available until late season (mid October to Figari and early November to Ajaccio)
    Hope to see and welcome more Londoners in Corsica and in the Domaine de Murtoli
    Thank you again. Your posts on Instagram and this review are truly much appreciated

    ps : your stay has not been sponsored by the Domaine de Murtoli ! 😉

    • 7 June 2018 at 13:39 Edit
      Many thanks Fabien for taking the time to come here and leave this very kind comment. That reminds me that I should have said much more about the amazing friendliness of the staff: they were all very welcoming, attentive and professional and fun too!
      And thank you for giving the extra information about the flights, I will add that in.
      Have already sent details for a booking next year! See you then hopefully.

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