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Why do I say “half review”? Well, it’s because we went there for lunch only.  However,  I asked two friends who stayed at the Pig before to also tell us about the bedroom experience.

The Pig near Bath. Boutique hotel. Lounge

You’ve probably heard of the Pig before, haven’t you? It’s a series of bohemian boutique hotels set up a few years ago by the former founder of the Malmaison hotel chain. They opened the first Pig in the New Forest and they got so much success that they quickly created new places in Southampton, Sommerset and Dorset.

I wanted to go there many times but it’s so popular that you have to book several months in advance and we are not that organised (well I am but Mr Big not so much).

When we decided to go to Lucknam Park, I thought it could be a good opportunity to try the Pig for lunch, which was much easier to book.

What did we think of it? We really really liked it.

The decor is as pleasing as what the photos show you.  You feel like you walked into your friend’s living room and that it’s all ready for you to kick off your shoes, seat on the sofa and chat and eat good cakes for as long as you want. In short, they make you feel very welcome.

The clincher is in the service. We were very late (and called several times to warn and also to get directions as we got lost) but they didn’t mind at all. They immediately set us at a table and were talking to us as if we were friends or as if we were staying with them, not only having lunch.

Lunch in the conservatory was lovely. As Mr Big says “simple produce prepared very well” and as I would say “with appetising presentation”. Look at this board of cured meat that came to me!

The Pig near Bath. Boutique hotel. Delicious cured meat board with pickles

Lovely attention to children

To top it all, a lovely guy came to the table and asked Mademoiselle if she wanted to go and count the deers with him.  She loved it.  Later, the same guy delivered a “deer keeper” present to her. A box with a certificate and a card. What a lovely thought.

The gardens also have chickens, pigs and you can indeed see many deers around the property.

The lounges and bar looked very inviting.  The cakes on the counter certainly made me want to stay longer!

What about the bedrooms?

My friends who stayed there said that it’s as nice in the bedrooms as downstairs. One friend who stayed at both the Pig on the Beach and this one indicated that the rooms here are bigger.  Breakfast was noted as being particularly good and plentiful.

The Pig near Bath, bedroom

Mr Bigg was convinced so we’ll definitely book a proper stay as soon as we can.


In summary

What I liked (Oh oui!)

What could be improved (Zut alors!)

  • Great service
  • Delicious food
  • Nice relaxed atmosphere
  • Close to bath
  • Counting the deers
  • It is on a hill overlooking a road
  • Busy with people coming for lunch
  • Hard to book!

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