Hotel Ville d’Hiver, Arcachon – charming base in this chic west coast enclave

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We are big fans of Cap Ferret, where we usually rent a villa, but over the years we also started to explore Arcachon, the more accessible – both in terms of prices and journey – seaside town on this chic enclave of South West France.

  • 900 yards from the beach with private beach area
  • Outdoor pool
  • From £150 per night
  • 18 rooms

Hotel Ville d’Hiver, a true Arcachon experience

Opened in 2009, Hotel Ville d’Hiver is a former water lift factory which has been designed to give guests an authentic experience of French charm. Contrary to Haaitza, or La Coorniche, which are further south and facing the famous dune du Pyla, Hotel Ville d’Hiver is sitting in the historic area of Arcachon, high above the sea but not far from it.

It’ actually only 900 meters from the beach or a 10 minutes walk so an easy destination.

A focus on art at Hotel Ville d’Hiver Arcachon

Hotel Ville d’Hiver is tucked away, surrounded by an abundance of greenery, which gives a real feeling of privacy alongside the home comforts that it provides.

It is not surprising that the 18 room hotel has regular clients that come back each year to enjoy the chic surroundings, decorated with a keen eye for style. 

The hotel has a selection of rooms either within the hotel, or in the annex.  All of the rooms have private open space, such as a balcony or terrace so you can enjoy the beautiful grounds. The rooms all have the home comforts you would expect, including air conditioning for the warmer months.

Hotel Ville d’Hiver is a popular residence for artists, whose work guests can see and feel throughout the hotel.  Whether that is art hanging on the walls, or music being played, art is definitely at the heart of the culture here.

What to do at Hotel Ville d’Hiver: eat, swim, relax…

The hotel has a bistro-style restaurant, featuring local and seasonal ingredients where you can have lunch or dinner. Attentive service within a relaxed environment is the dish of the day, which just about epitomises Hotel Ville d’Hiver. Food and drinks can be enjoyed within the restaurant or outside on the terrace.

The pool is hidden away amongst the garden of the hotel.  It has been created from the old tank of the factory, and is protected on all sides from the elements.  Following a swim, you can indulge in a selection of spa treatments made available.

Do try the Hotel Ville d’Hiver beach club

At just 900m from the beautiful Pereire Beach, the hotel has an enviable location for visitors to make the best of their stay.  Occupying a private section of the beach, the hotel erects a large Bartherotte hut in the summertime, which is an inviting friendly space to enjoy lunch or a drink watching the sunset.

There is quite a sense of old charm in this hotel, peaceful but also full of stories. Certainly one to try for us next time we are in the region. Would you prefer that kind of moody atmosphere or the white luminous decor of Haaitza or La Coorniche? Let me know in the comments.

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