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Do you sometimes have that dream of living in your white house near the sea, away from it all, eating fruits and vegetables from your garden and admiring nature from your shaded terrace? Well, the owners of Etosoto have done exactly that!

Etosoto, a boutique B&B and villa in beautiful balearic island Formentera

Etosoto is a B&B and a villa with pool to rent in Formentera but it’s more than that. For them it’s an eco-friendly project where people can find peace and serenity, express their creativity in harmony with nature and a producing organic farming estate. EtoSoto comes from ETO, “Earth to Orbit”, and “Soto”, a school of  Japanese Zen Buddhist thought where «practice and awakening are one», but it is also a Japanese word meaning «outside». 

So you can come here for some experiences such as learning a new musical instrument, yoga retreat as well as cures like fasting, hiking and the discovery of naturopathy.
Or you could just rent the house to yourself in July and August and enjoy the wonderful white, simple and peaceful decor with wooden furniture.

A finca surrounded by mediterranean trees and the sea

There is a main finca, surrounded by stone walls,  with a large white patio that leads you to the small garden with an old tree and benches to read a book on. From there, two open doors lead to the sea, while another shows the way to a vast terrace overlooking an infinite panorama of blue sea, sky and white rocks.

There are 9 rooms divided between the main house and the beach house.  Some have wonderful views to the sea,others to the relaxing patio.  And of course there is a pool, that doesn’t look very big but will certainly keep the kids entertained.

Your kids can learn making movies or music

Talking of children, Etosoto is very kids friendly.  Several of the rooms actually have two double beds and they organise kids activities in the February and spring holidays.  For instance, they could do a Super 8 activity where they’ll learn to make a film or Club Pop where they are introduced to various instruments and learn to play music in a fun way.

Etosoto is also very good value if you avoid July and August (according to their availability calendar, it looks like the house is already fully booked for those months anyway).  The smallest room, which could still have a baby cot is at 80 Euros at the end of May!

If you want to try another balearic island, how about trying the beautiful Cal Reiet or Predi Son Jaumell in Mallorca, or Pure House in Ibiza?

EtoSoto, Formentera, Spain


  • 9 rooms


  • From 80 euros
  • Room 3, perfect for family with a double room which has 2 double beds and a beautiful view on the sea from the terrace is 260,00/night in June
  • Room 2 has two bedrooms, a parental and a smaller one to accommodate children or friends.

For families

  • Cot & highchair available
  • Activities for kids during school holidays


  • Pool



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