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This week will have a Mallorca element in the form of a guest review for Predi Son Jaumell, a boutique hotel on the North East of Mallorca where my brother went this August.


They went without their son so the family element is kind of missing from this review but having talked to the hotel myself before, I know they can certainly accommodate families.

Beautiful decor, delicious food and great service

My brother and his wife were really pleased with the hotel.  It’s beautiful with very classy decoration that mixes nice, pared down white and oak furniture with the orangey warmth of old stones.

The restaurant was nothing short of delicious and extremely good value for what you get. The chef worked with El Bulli so no wonder it was quite special.

The rooms, swimming pool, gardens and location close to a nice beach which you can walk to in 20 minutes from the hotel made this a very relaxing stay. Look at this photo of the cala taken by my brother and you would agree that it is quite a dreamy beach !

Cala Mesquida, Mallorca, © From the Poolside blog on boutique hotels for family holidays
© From the Poolside

Ask for rooms not in the annex

As my brother said, if you really need to find one negative point, it would have to be the location of some rooms.

The hotel is located at the cross-roads of two small but nevertheless passing avenues, one of them going directly to a nice beach. On the plus side, you are close to a lovely beach. On the minus side, some of the rooms are located in an annex that backs onto that road so the feeling of a quiet countryside location is somewhat not achieved. So make sure you ask not to get one of these rooms.

My brother insisted that you really had to be quite picky to find faults with the hotel and they certainly recommended us to try it.

All photos, except for the last one in the night, were kindly provided by the hotel and are under their copyright.


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