Yes you should go on holidays to Greece!

I love Greece. It’s the single country (after France of course as I’m French) where I have spent the most holidays.

I have wonderful memories of my first backpacking trip with my sister and a friend there, visiting all the classic sites and discovering the wonderful cycladic islands.  I returned to discover Hydra, Spetses, Folegandros, Sifnos, Serifos. I did the romantic trip to Santorini. I first discovered Corfu via dear friends and their lovely daugthers about 15 years ago and went back with my own family more recently.

It was three years ago and there were the same concerns that I hear these days about holidays in Greece due to the current Eurozone woes. We took some extra cash, paid as much as possible in advance (the villa and car we rented for instance) and flew there without too much worries. I knew that the Greek people would, as always, give us a very warm welcome.

And we were right. It was, as always, a fab holiday and we didn’t have any issues with money.  We talked to locals who reinforced the idea that it was so important for tourists to keep coming.

So yes, you should go on holidays to Greece now.  Not only because it’s a beautiful country with sun, heat, beautiful countrysides, amazing sites, great food, good prices and very nice people… but because it’s important to support a nation for which tourism is a key source of income.

In addition, if you are very late in your holiday booking, you are probably highly likely to find amazing deals.

So in support of Greece and to help you for this summer or next one, here is a recap of all the great places in Greece that I featured on the blog plus a few more.

I’d love to know if you have plans to go to Greece this summer and how you are preparing for them these days. Do tell me in the comments!

Cycladic Islands

Villa Fabrica, a beautiful villa rental in Santorini, Greece.

Corona Borealis, Naxos

Anemi hotel in Folegandros

Themonies Luxury Suites in Folegandros

Villa Fabrica, a beautiful rental in Santorini

Skyros Suites, a small but perfectly formed B&B in Skyros, Greece

and also

Hotel Rizes in Serifos

 A maisonette within a hotel in Spetses

Anemoi Hotel in Paros

2 hours from Athens

Tainaron Blue, boutique hotel in Malni, Greece. Two chairs from the poolside

Bratsera Hotel – in Hydra, a car-free island

Tainaron Blue Retreat, a beautiful restored tower in Mani, Greece

Rou Estate, villas to rent in Corfu

Avlemonas seaview house, Cythere

And also

A luxury hotel in Geroleminas

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