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Those of you who follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook will have seen the photos I posted of Hotel Endsleigh.  This lovely hotel in Devon was where we  go so often and it’s always magical.

We went to Endsleigh (as we know call it with affection in our family) for the first time eight years ago. We had enjoyed two wonderful stays at its sister hotel, Tresanton, in Cornwall, and had to try it too.

A country hotel fabulous in each season

It’s been such a staple in our life that we got married there and now try to go back every year.  You can’t beat the wonderful garden setting, the beautiful manor house, the kind and efficient staff and the good food.

You see, what is amazing there is that you are lost in the countryside, away from it all, a bit like if you had gone through an enchanted door and entered another world. It’s hard to describe the feeling so I hope that the photos will give you a sense of what I’m trying to convey.

We’ve tried it in February, June, October and December time and each time it’s been absolutely fantastic.

Beautiful rooms, relaxing lounges and wonderful outdoors

Rooms are beautifully decorated. They don’t have tons of luxurious items (for instance the TVs are small apart from in the new rooms) but you feel comfortable in them as soon as you enter. And the view from the window out onto the garden in the morning never disappoints.

Bathrooms are very pretty with marble used exactly the right way, big baths, nice toiletries from REM. Be careful as many rooms do not have a shower so if it’s important for you, do ask about those.

Downstairs, you can relax in several lounges. You have to take time to admire the original Victorian wall paper in the Duchesse lounge (the manor was the Duchesse of Bedford’s former hunting and fishing lodge) and of course have afternoon tea in the library. The scones are absolutely delicious !

Then go for a walk in the sumptuous garden designed by Repton and come back to play boarding games by the massive fireplaces (yes, there are several !).

Dining is a fancy affair. Not in terms of style (you can come in your jeans) but the way the food is presented is really lovely. You can’t have simple food though so it could be a good idea to go to a pub on some other nights for a change. Meals were good although I’d say that the meat dishes were more successful than the fish ones. Delicious desserts though !

The best part of it is that you feel like a very good friend invited you to his place.  And for families, it can definitely be a great place to unwind together.

My tips for your family holidays

  • Suites one and two have a separate area for kids.  In Suite 1, there is communication between that area and your room so you can keep an eye on the children. Not in suite 2 where the room is separate and you access it via a common corridor.  You are the only one on that top level though so it’s quite safe.
  • The new room 18 where we also stayed recently is perfect for families with bigger children as it has a wonderful room with two bunk beds and their own TV!
  • We also stayed in smaller rooms and they can always add a bend.  Once we had room 3 with Mademoiselle’s bed at the end of ours, which was fine.
  • Garden views are a must. You will get them from rooms  looked at the floor plans for you and can tell  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and then I think 14 on the second floor.
  • There is a children’s menu. Also even though they don’t do room service, one night we asked to only get some cold platters in the room and it was perfect.
  • Lots of board games as well as children’s books in the library. But the big draw for them should be the huge gardens, river, woods, shell grotto to explore. There is also croquet that you can enjoy on the magnificent lawn when the weather is nice.
  • You are very close to the Dartmoor natural area and there is a place 25 minutes from Endsleigh where you can do poney rides. The hotel also has an agreement with a local spa/golf/country club with an indoor swimming pool about 25min away.
  • Finally, this is a good starting point to go explore the Eden Project (one hour), the North Cornwall coast (also less than one hour) or the South Devon coast. Lots of National Trust houses to go visit too.

Hotel Endsleigh


  • 19 rooms


  • From £ 175

Family info

  • Several rooms are great for families (see above) and beds can be added to many of the rooms
  • Kids’menu
  • Lots of board games, books for children and games outside


  • Restaurant



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