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Finally a boutique hotel in Croatia!  There are some luxury hotels that are quite blingy but this one really fits my definition: 25 bedrooms only, nicely decorated lounges, a pool and on top of that, it’s closed to the beach!

Brown Beach Hotel is a carefully restored 20th century building right on the Adriatic coastline, in Trogir, a harbour which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It used to be a tobacco shipment station but now has been transformed and oozes style thanks to a 50’s inspired decor.

The bedrooms can have be one or two bedroom suites and incorporate the latest technology with vintage pieces.  There will be 24 more rooms and a big spa opening in Spring.

The outdoor pool is the perfect background for Instagram pictures! Just add big sunglasses, a hat and a fancy one piece and you’re there. The infinity pool ovelooks the ocean and you can eat by the seaside at Cartina,  a high-end seafood restaurant.

If you want to feel even more glamourous, then try the bespoke cocktail bar, the private beach access and a fully-equipped beach-club (opening later this year).

Doesn’t it sound really boutiquey?

Brown Beach Hotel


  • 25 rooms


  • From 140 euros
  • A suite (good for families) is from 230 Euros


  • One restaurant on the sea side
  • Private beach, beach club
  • Outdoor pool
  • Yacht mooring!


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