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Last August bank holiday weekend was so gorgeous that we decided to get out of London and treat ourselves to a one night stay in Coworth Park Hotel.

I had dismissed Coworth Park Hotel every other time I was looking for a short break from London and I’m not sure why. It is actually really lovely.

Coworth Park hotel review in summary

What we liked

What to be aware of

  • Kids menu with everything they like.
  • Great staff and service
  • Beautiful grounds : meadow, polo fields, rose garden, sunken garden.
  • Really good for families: stables or cottage barns. Games out on the field, kids club, pool, horse riding, borrow bikes.
  • Lunch all day on terrace or bar. Really nice fresh and well presented
  • Restricted pool hours for the kids
  • Bar not cosy enough
  • No kid allowed in the Michelin star restaurant (which is so English as in France you can definitely take them. Le Manoir aux 4 saisons here lets you do it too. And so did Andew Fairlie ar Gleneagles.

Coworth Park Hotel, an easy escape near London

First of all, it is really close to London especially if you live in South West London like us.  It took us just short of an hour to get there.

Second of all, it’s perfect for families: there are activities arranged for the kids, a dedicated kids club where you can leave them for a few hours, lots of games to borrow, cottages that are of a good size and value for those with many children, a horse riding school, a pool in the spa (albeit with restricted hours for children) and you can borrow bikes.

Mademoiselle also loved the ice cream vintage bike that greeted us in the front of the hotel when we arrived. Free home made ice creams to acknowledge the very hot weather that day.

The famous Coworth Park meadow

The property is in a glorious park with a lovely drive in by the meadow.  The meadow is really what makes Coworth Park so special. You can admire it from various viewpoints, walk through it, slowly climbing to the top of the hill and reach a majestuous tree.  We spent some nice time reading under it, while Mademoiselle was riding through it to her hack.

Gardens and green spaces are clearly considered a key feature of the property and everything is made to enjoy them.  I mentioned that seat under the tree but you can also relax on a purple cushioned banquette under a gazebo, seat by the ponds or lay down on a blanket on the grass in the pop up bar in the tree-lined field.

Choose a room with a garden view

Inside, it’s all very Dorchester (the group that owns the hotel).  Classic luxury with a few touches of exuberance (golden leaves, a steel tree in reception) and really good confort.

The staff is ultra professional and can’t be faulted. If anything, they could have a bit more personality. That’s what we like in boutique hotels but this is a bigger property so I guess it’s more difficult to achieve that when there are many guests to look after.

Our room had a lovely view of the gardens. It was well appointed and the bed was really confortable.  We were able to have an extra bed added for Mademoiselle. At £735 for a night, it was expensive for the size though.

We didn’t try the Coworth Park afternoon tea but read on to know more about the food

We ate at the bar for both lunches and at the Barn for diner.  The gastronomic restaurant is not open to children, which is a pity as 12y old children surely can behave themselves and appreciate good food. The Barn though was very nice on a warm evening night.  But should we stay for more than one night, we would like to try the gastronomic restaurant too.

Food was very well presented, fresh and tasty.  There is a kids menu with everything they like: burgers, sausages, pasta, ice cream, brownies…

With only one night there, we kept it easy and spent our time enjoying a sunny lunch on the terrace, walking or running around the estate, relaxing at the spa and even watching a game of polo on Sunday afternoon.

All in all a really great stay that made us felt like we had gone away for three days. Win win!

Coworth Park hotel, Ascot


  • 54 rooms
  • 16 suites


  • Rooms from £340
  • Rates exclude breakfast

For families

  • Cot & highchair available
  • Children’s club
  • Indoor pool, games on the grass, etc..
  • They organise a variety of activities during the holidays


  • Indoor pool in the spa opening up to an outside space
  • Two restaurants, a bar
  • Polo watching



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