C’est la rentrée! What I am up to in the next few months with this blog

Hello dear stylish friends,

Well, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I took the whole month of August off from the blog and it’s been really refreshing.  I’m sure you were all also enjoying the sun or a good break.

I spent half of that time on an actual vacation in Spain with my family, in a lovely villa rental on the Costa Brava and then in a luxury hotel in Mallorca.  You can of course expect to read more about both places very soon on the blog.


What autumn will bring

The other half, I used to reflect on my blogging journey so far and where I wanted to go next.

It’s soon going to be two years since I launched the blog and I felt I needed a bit of a break to figure out what my next course of action would be.  Should I continue, rebrand, change focus, go into a completely different platform, stop alltogether…?

Well, the conclusion is that yes, I do love that space and I will continue posting about lovely hotels, gorgeous villa rentals or cute B&Bs that don’t break the bank.

I also really want to help you research those places in addition to reading about them here. So I may  experiment with posts about:

  • how to research and find boutique hotels and villa rentals,
  • how to create your own curated list of gorgeous accommodations,
  • how to be a bit more savvy with all the travel websites and organisation tools that exist out there.

One of the things I love the most about blogging is the continuous learning so you may see me trying to tweak a few things here and there.

With a new job starting in October, I also know that I’ll have less time to dedicate to the blog so I need to make it meaningful and efficient.  Hopefully all these changes will be good for me and for you.

This week on the blog

Anyway, enough about me.  This week, you’ll still find the usual dose of prettiness in the form of a great spot in Portugal.  Take a look at that pool!

Casas Caiadas, villa rental with pool in Alentejo, Portugal

Thursday, I’ll be posting the results of a new holiday challenge, which was, actually, euh, quite challenging !! Check in on the day to see if I did well with that one.

So, that’s it, it’s grey and rainy here in London on a bank holiday weekend (what else is new!) but I am full of energy and dynamism for the next few months.

I hope that the summer has also brought you lots of peace, reflection, fun and relaxation. Do let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments.


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