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If you live in the UK you probably have heard of Babington House before. This outpost of London Soho House (a private club for media executives) is generally known as having set the trend for boutique country retreats. We only went once and while I really liked it, Mr Bigg found it a bit too close to home (as in too many work colleagues or clients there) for comfort.

This review is therefore based on my memories from a few years back but also photos from a friend who goes often and really likes it there.

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Babington House is in the Cotswolds, an area which is roughly two hours from London and where we often like to escape for autumn or winter weekends.

Because of it’s membership status, you will likely come across some media personalities there (the editor of the Sun was there when we visited).

It has all the required facilities for a chic family retreat : lounges, nice bedrooms, indoor pool, nice lawns etc… I particularly liked having a treatment in one of the separate spa cabins looking out onto nature.  Can’t remember much about the food so will update that information once my friend who went there very recently gives me those details.

My tips for your family holidays

  • They only have a few rooms that can accommodate families and they are all outside of the main building. I therefore recommend that you book very early.
  • Good to know: they have a creche for residents and also a playroom with game consoles and the likes for older children.
  • As in Cowley, their bar offers the possibility to order food at any time during the day.
  • They have a cinema where they can arrange screenings of children movies
  • Unfortunately, there are restrictive hours for children’s swimming : only two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.

Babington house at night

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