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The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland – useful information

  • 62 different suites to choose from
  • Award winning hotel
  • Variety of ‘experiences’ to book
  • Children are welcome to stay at the property but not in ground-level suites with direct access to the water. Under-12s aren’t permitted to use the Retreat’s spa.
  • Double rooms from £1,029 in low season; and from £1,285 in high. 

Ever since we’ve been to Scotland and discovered the beauty of the nature of the North of Europe, we’ve been interested in exploring similar wonders of the world. Iceland seems to match the brief and if we go there, my preferred stay would be The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland.

Here are 4 reasons why.

1 – A fabulous setting for the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon sits in an 800-year-old lava field 20 minutes drive from Keflavík Airport. You can see the volutes from afar, pointing to the sky. The backdrop of the Blue Lagoon, with volcanic geothermal waters just to add to the other-wordly atmosphere of beautiful Iceland.

One of Iceland’s most popular attractions, the lagoon’s supposedly restorative waters were discovered during development work at a nearby geothermal power plant.

The resort is quite isolated, which means that you could possibly see the Northern lights at night. Yet it’s easily accessible as it’s a 45-minute drive to Reykjavik.

2 – The Retreat’s beautiful design

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon is a masterclass in how to achieve the accolades of the best of the best in hotels.  It holds numerous prestigious awards, ranging from architecture, design, cuisine and even to lighting. 

Four years were needed to build The Retreat. With a site like the lagoon, the deisgnerss had to content with the rugged nature of the place and make sure to choose materials that could withstand the steam and temperatures. Only jatoba, a Brazilian wood, can apparently do that.

The 62 suites face a lunar horizon covered with moss. All have a terrace and some have direct access to the lagoon.

They’ve been designed following the concept of clean living and calmness, with clean lines and textures from the local area. There are two views to choose from: Lagoon view or the breath-taking moss-covered lava fields.  

The Moss Suite, Lava Junior Suite & Moss Junior Suite all look out on the fields which were once flowing lava. These all have a private terrace or balcony to really take in the views, with seating areas and top class furnishings. The Moss Junior Suite can also have adjoining rooms, making it perfect for families.

The Lagoon Suite has the added attraction of a private lagoon. With floor to ceiling windows you have the panoramic views of the beautiful scenery, and a private terrace to step out and then take a dip in the mineral enriched water.

3 – The experience the volcanic spa

The whole experience at The Retreat would not be complete without the Retreat Spa.  The jewel in the crown has to be the utterly unique Blue Lagoon, with geothermal waters. This is a year round experience, where the minerals that flow through the historic waters are known to provide rejuvenation.  

The lagoon is also an experience to explore, with hidden corridors and corners due to it being part of the landscape.  

Amongst the many treatments on offer, The Ritual is based on the three elements in abundance here – silica, algae and minerals.

You can also hire the Lava Cove. This private spa and suite has its own lagoon, wood-burning fireplace, dining area and kitchen. It can also be customised, like many facilities at The Retreat, to include gourmet dining and private yoga.

4 – Fine Dining at The Retreat

The Blue Lagoon has a few gourmet dining options for guests, including the Michelin recommended Moss Restaurant, the Lava Restaurant, and the Spa Restaurant at The Retreat.

The menu, imagined by chefs from around the world, reinvents Icelandic culinary traditions for flavors (including lichen, local delicacy) and surprising stagings. The chef’s table, a seven-course menu that changes with the seasons, can be enjoyed on a lava block cut on the site. A moment of extraordinary gastronomy to close with a visit of the wine cellar to the volcanic rock.

Now, this all comes at quite a price so that would be an experience to plan and budget for at a time of a special celebration. But certainly one that I want to keep on my bucket list.

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