5 chic Bordeaux hotels for a weekend escape

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Bordeaux is an easy weekend escape from many European cities, especially for you my British readers.  I really recommend it for getting that “I need a taste of France” feeling.  Amazing food, wine, lots of cultural experiences and good shopping too!

I stayed at Mama Shelter Bordeaux recently and you can read my review here. We also stayed at Le Saint James many times.

But here are other options for sleeping, several of them recommended by my brother who lives there half of the week.

La Maison Bord’eaux

© Maison Bord’eaux

There are many things to enjoy in this central Bordeaux, amongst them  the Hermès toiletries and the very nice courtyard where you can sit outside in peace. In addition, la Maison Bord’eaux organises tours of the city and the vineyards of Saint-Emilion and Médoc.  You are just 10 minutes from the Grand Théâtre, one of the centre of animation in this very cultural city.

Une chambre en ville

© Une chambre en ville

My brother recommended this place and showed me the splendid hausmanian building where it’s housed. It is in an excellent location with friendly staff and a great breakfast where the staple is their home made jams which you can also buy to take away with you.  There is a good selection of double bedrooms or even studio flats if you want more flexibility.

L’hotel particulier

© L’hotel particulier

Another one that was personally recommended by my brother.  It’s a lovely period hotel, in a beautifully renovated building with gorgeous authentic details. The bedrooms are spacious and some even have a lounge area and a balcony.

St James Bouliac

© me!
Mr Big and I spent a few weekends there, one of them more memorable because of the fantastic tasting menu with accompanying wine and ensuing joyful mood!  The views over Bordeaux from the pool area and the architecture is really special.  The rooms are very modern and from the high beds you can open your floor to ceiling window and have quite a wake up vista.  If you can afford it, try the top room with a Harlem motorbike in it!

La Grande Maison Bordeaux

© La Grande Maison Bordeaux

This is classic French:  elegant decor, an 19th-century private mansion surrounded by a landscaped garden and a gastronomic restaurant which is now headed by Pierre Gagnaire. It is not as central as the others but you are closer to the airport and as a benefit have a bigger garden to enjoy. Staying there could feel like being in a private country house!

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