The ultimate boutique and luxury hotels search engine: 2000 luxury hotels at your fingertips


On Friday I tried to tease you with my “wonderful tool” that will solve all your problems when looking for a chic family holidays.

What I was working on was a custom search engine that allows you to easily search across all the key sites that hand-pick boutique hotels and chic b&bs.

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When searching for a boutique or luxury hotel, I always go to my tried and trusted sites but sometimes I also need to extend my search to the wider luxury label sites (Relais & Chateaux,  Leading Hotels of the World, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, etc…).

And it can get painful to repeat the same search on each one. So I created this tool to help me and you to hopefully save time.

In total it probably searches about more than 2000 hotels around the world but all with the distinctive criteria of being luxury or independent or in any case with that something special that we all like.

I’ve added some filters so you can choose to view the results across all sites or start by the “boutique hotels” or go straight to luxury hotels only.

I will of course work on adding the holiday rentals sites soon but am curious to know what you think of this ? Will that be useful?

It kind of took me some time to fine tune this. Not so much the search engine part as this is quite easy but the integration into this blog so am really impatient to know if it’s been worthwhile for you !

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