The ultimate boutique hotels search tool

Enter one or several search terms (for instance Provence or Venice pool restaurant)

This boutique hotels search engine scours in one go all my tried and trusted sites for boutique hotels and stylish rental places as well as luxury hotels labels.

Then you can filter the search results by:

  • all the results across all sites
  • boutique hotels as found on my list of essential boutique hotels sites
  • luxury hotels from the luxury labels sites
  • bed and breakfast from my list of essential sites.
  • holiday rentals websites from my list of trusted sites.

Try it out and if you like it, please do spread the word.


  1. Wonderful idea!!!!

    Our tip hotel bellevue jesolo adria. wonderful retreat for people who like this way of quietness but have no problem that the property is a bit older. wonderful place.
    best christian from austria

    • Thank you Christian for your kind words and your tips. I looked at your recommendation and the setting in the pine forests is beautiful. If you want to share more tips with fellow travellers, make sure to join the Facebook group (see the info in the email newsletter tomorrow morning!).

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