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One of our best staycation has been to Thyme Hotel, a very pretty hotel in the beautiful Costwolds. We stayed there in August 2020 in between two Covid lockdowns! Read on to learn more about the Thyme Hotel spa, the Thyme restaurant as well as their very unique shop.

  • 30 rooms
  • From £420

Thyme Hotel is a village within a village in the beautiful Costwolds

Location 5/5

You arrive to Thyme Hotel and Spa Thyme by driving through Souhtrop, a really cute village with yellow stone houses. The owners of Thyme hotel bought a farm there years ago and then added more buildings to their estate. Those now hosts the various rooms, a self-catering cottage, the restaurant, shop etc..  

Driving down the alley takes you through fields where sheeps graze as Thyme is also a farm. A very idyllic view that immediately sets your mind at peace, you are ready for your luxurious country weekend.

A bautiful sense of style inspired by nature at Thyme Hotel

Style 4.5/5

Thyme hotel and Spa is a former manor and farm that has been carefully restored. 

All rooms are arranged throughout the houses, cottages and barns that constitute what Thyme Hotel calls “village within a village’. Gravel garden pathways lead you through the gardens and courtyards.  The attention to the outdoor style is an indication of the style also bested upon the rooms, with names, furnishings and colours all inspired by nature.

The Lodge is really special and where we were lucky to stay. Its like having your own country house especially if you can get the Rose bedroom on the ground floor. 

The Room was so beautiful with the pink tones subtly used and in harmony with the greens of the lawn, majestic cedar tree and plants outside. You feel totally in your own cottage as the room opens onto the lawn becoming as such our private garden. It’s also the iconic image of Thyme and we spotted a few guests who came to take photos, including some instagram influencers who came early in the morning, wearing floral dresses and taking pauses! 

Thyme Hotel review - an honest view of this luxury hotel and Spa in the pretty village of Southrop in the Costwolds

The room is decorated with floral fabrics, antique furnitures and window linens all carefully selected. The wood floor has underfloor heating and all is there for your comfort. It was very peaceful and I enjoyed stepping outside and having my cup of tea looking at the fields every morning. 

There are 2 more bedrooms on that floor: the one where Mademoiselle stayed, pretty in yellow and still a good space but no view or access to an outdoor space. And the Kate Moss room (she got married at Thyme) which does open onto the lawn. However having had a peak, it’s all green and a bit dark for my liking. Still a good way to have the Lodge privilege at a lower price. 

You can also go for English Cedar which is the same category as Rose and on the first floor. You wont have access to the lawn but you’ll have a great view. 

Thyme Hotel is best for families with teenagers only

Family friendly 1/5

They don’t accept children under 12 so you have to get a room for them. Mademoiselle had a cosy category room which still was very spacious and lovely. 

The best option for a family is the village cottage Old Walls as it’s self-catering. During the day, they welcome families for lunch, that is the only area where they can go.

So really, this is best for those of you who either want to have a couple escape or have teenagers. 

A paradise for those who like long walks in splendid nature

Activities 3/5

On site, you can of course go to the spa, do long walks around the village, go explore the vegetable and fruit garden (fantastic variety of produce), or swim in the heated outdoor swimming pool. 

There are also two shops: one off the restaurant and another one on the mezzanine of the great barn.  In addition to pyjamas, table sets and other fabric with botanical patterns of their own brand, Thyme offers a selection of high end and unique fashion items, garden and homewares.  We bought some lovely French style champagne cups.

Really though, the best activity is walking around the countryside. This area of Cotswolds is stunning.  We have been in the Cotswolds many times before but this was really the prettiest region. So many pretty villages, isolated cottages, carefully planted flowers, mixed with the wilderness of nature, hills and rivers.  Many people are flocking to Bourton on Water or Bibury but we thought those would be too busy.  So we asked for hidden gems and they pointed us in the direction of Eastleach, Shilton or Shipton.

The hotel can lend you wellies, raincoats and umbrellas. 

When you come back from your walk, drop yourself in one of the deep sofas in the bar, in the great barn or hang around the garden in warm months, a lovely area with tables in the shade, various hidden corners and a small fountain murmuring gracefully.

The Thyme Hotel restaurant serves delicious food, which vegetarians will also love

Food 4/5

This was delicious. They source their produce fro their own garden and cook it simply, with a particular talent for picking the right composition of ingredients.  If you are a vegetarian, you will find lots to like on the menu. 

Breakfast was served at the table and again had some very good unseen before dishes. Heads up that it’s NOT included in the room price. There is no room service but you can enjoy a lighter all day menu in the Baa bar. 

We ordered the picnic for our last day. It came in a beautiful basket and was refreshingly healthy with lots of salad. 

I also highly recommend the Swann Inn at Shipton. Very pretty setting down in the valley (you have to do a walk there) by the river. Food was hearty but not heavy, a selection of classic dishes well done and the atmosphere was cozy yet animated. 

A pretty spa for your relaxation

Spa 3/5

The spa is small and beautiful. I only give it 3 out of 5 because it is small but you don’t really need more than a nice pool, some lovely treatment rooms and above all very good therapists.

I loved the green and white theme and the comfy seats to relax in after the treatment.

Thyme Hotel review - an honest view of this luxury hotel and Spa in the pretty village of Southrop in the Costwolds

The pool is outside, heated until October.  It seems to not be allowed for kids under 16 in usual times even though you pay for a room for them but due to Covid, we had to book a slot to be there on our own so could have Mademoiselle with us. 

Overall: we loved Thyme Hotel and will return

Verdict 4/5

Thyme hotel and spa is a beautiful hotel. We loved the setting, the decor of the rooms and common areas, the nature feel, the delicious food and the staff were all very nice, despite us not being able to see their full face as they were wearing masks because of Covid rules.

It is priced as a luxury hotel but some of the luxuries you usually associate with that price are not provided: breakfast is not included, there is no room service or newspaper in the morning.  However, every time we called them for something, they did respond promptly and brought us the missing item. 

The no under 12 limit also means that you have to pay for two rooms if you come with children, unless you rent one of the cottages.

But it’s beautiful everywhere and the food is delicious.  For an indulgent, chic, relaxing and special weekend, I would definitely recommend it and we will be back.

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