The Other Side Bahamas, dreaming of winter sun…

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With the advent of cold weather here in the UK, I can’t help but start dreaming of winter sun holidays.  Especially as we have now booked Mauritius for February! Not the hotel where my brother stayed but another one (more on this soon).

And that’s when I remembered that I had saved this marvel of a place to be published precisely when we are starting to feel chilly.

The Other Side Bahamas, where no words can describe the beauty

I mean, just look at those photos!

Ok, I can hear some of you wanting more facts so here we go.

Just off Harbour Island in the Bahamas, only 7 minutes away via their 24 hour boat service, this desert island is anything but empty.

This place has been designed to be a modern / easy Robinson crusoe experience.  It is a collection of seven tents and four shacks.

  • Four are communal tents that each have a designated purpose: reading, drinking, eating and playing.
  • Three are sleeping tents. But not your usual tent as they have hardwood floors,  a king sized four poster bed, large open rain showers, 2 sofas and wifi. You can therefore come with your children
  • Three shacks sit on the hill top overlooking the property. From the sundeck, you can admire the view. Inside there are a four poster bed and a simple bathroom.

What to do at the Other Side Bahamas? The art of doing nothing

Once you’re there, there is probably nothing else to do than relaxing on the empty beach, try paddle boarding, or enjoy the sea with swimming, scuba diving or diving. You could even see some sea turtles.

If the beauty of the beach is not enough, look at this stunning pool!

The Other Side Bahamas


  • 3 tents
  • 4 shacks


  • Low Season, from $550 for the shacks, $750 for the tents
  • High Season, shacks are $600, tents are $800
  • Peak Season, shacks are $650, tents are $950Generally there is a  3 night minimum in low and high season and a 7 night minimum during Peak Season.

For families

  • Children can stay in the tents
  • Just the sea and the pool should keep the younger ones amused, might be a bit deserted for the teenagers


  • 24h boat back to Harbour island
  • Yoga lessons
  • Massage
  • Paddle boarding



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