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Later this week, I will post a review of Le Mas de la Rose, one of my favourite places in Provence. Today, quickly here is an interesting place which is both a hotel and a rental. It is also both for families, adults without kids, small groups or big family parties ! Interesting concept, don’t you think?

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It’s called Thyme House and is in the Costwolds, an area which by now, you’ll know we love to go to ! They have restored a small village and have created five different cottages to rent as well as renovated a big house which can either be a hotel or a full house if you rent the whole place. Buying and renovating a whole hamlet is something you see more and more in France or in Italy but I hadn’t come across this in the UK yet.

Take a look at the website to explore the houses, which you could qualify as typical country decor but smartly modernised so that it has the right touch of style. I certainly like the big baths and the huge dining room opening onto the garden. They also own the Swan which has a good reputation for food so you don’t even need to cook !

Does anyone know of a similar concept here in the UK ?

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