Spotted – gorgeous villa rental in Mauritius, l’Ilot

Mauritius Rentals

Well, look what I found for you today ! Your own private island in Mauritius (if you can’t go to the nice hotel where my brother stayed) with a gorgeous villa which can accommodate 8 people ! And you can get this for just 250 Euros per night in July and August ! I know lots of exclamation mark but it’s worth it.

The villa is actually on a peninsula and doesn’t have a pool or a private beach but from the photos, it looks like you can just walk off the pathway and go to the beach on the coast. They also indicate that you can go down a few steps to swim in a “natural pool” off the island.  You are also close to lots of great towns, villages and some animated life.

The price is of course much discounted (from normally 1050 euros a night !) because August is not the high season. It’s actually winter in Mauritius then but the average temperatures are in the mid-twenties so that’s not bad. The only thing to keep in mind is that the sun sets down early at around 18:30.

Now, you just need to find some friends, a good flight deal and off you go, summer holidays sorted.

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