Soho House Istanbul has to be our next destination! Watch the video


It’s always fun to watch what Soho House is going to do next. And apparently, a lot of you like that too as the post where I uncovered the plans for Soho House Farmhouse is quite popular on the blog.

Soho House Istanbul will open in early 2015 and will have a restaurant, garden, screening room, a spa, a pool....
© Soho House

Istanbul is going to be a significant opening this year as I noted when I listed new hotels for 2015.  Many people have told me that the city is amazing so we are definitely putting it on our list of city escapes in the near future and would love to stay at Soho House Istanbul.

Today, here is a link to a video they recently released showing the progress of works in the amazing old building they are restoring. It comes with drawings of the future hotel and it looks really tempting.

As there are privacy settings, I can’t embed the video but I do encourage you to take a look. 

For those into architecture, there is also another video that details much more the work by craftsmen here.

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