The Roseate Hotel Edinburgh review with video- a charming base for an Edinburgh trip

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The Roseate Hotel Edinburgh is proof that it always pays to do a bit of research. When we planned an Edinburgh team meeting, our assistant went onto the corporate booking system and picked the most depressive, grey corporate hotel you can think of. Of course, I couldn’t let that happen so I did my own research and found the Dunstane Houses, at the same price as said corporate hotel, but with a much nicer boutiquey feeling!

The Roseate Hotel Edinburgh is easy to reach from the Edinburgh airport

Location 4/5

The Roseate Hotel Edinburgh hotel is not right in the centre but is very convenient from a transport point of view. It is a short walk from Haymarket train station which is easily reachable from the airport via the tram line. You can also look for bus line number 100 which takes you straight from the airport to the bus stop just opposite the hotel but I missed it.
Trains from London arrive at Waverley train station but again lots of buses to get to the hotel from there in less than 10 min.

It is also close to the Murrayfield Stadium so a good location for a fan of sports.

A boutique style well suited to the Victorian building

Style 3/5

The approach to the entrance of the hotel is lovely: you walk through the outdoor bar area under a tent with fairy lights on one side and tables and chairs on the other side. This must be a pleasant spot in the summer.

The old building is typical of Victorian Edinburgh. I was pleasantly surprised to spot the small luxury hotels of the word sign as I walked in.

The entrance is very cosy and you immediately are welcomed by the scent of essential oils which I recognised as a nice mix of citrus and bergamot. Reception is here but once they find your room key, they may take you to another building across the road.

There are actually two buildings to this hotel so make sure to ask which building your room is in. The other building is opposite the road and is a more non-descript house. They build some modern bedrooms on the lower ground and the first floor. They do a good job warming them up with rugs and tartan cushions and padded headboard and dim lighting but they don’t have the charm of the old building.

I suspect that the rooms in the main house would feel more special but they are of course more expensive.

My room had a nice double bedroom, a good desk to work from and a good size bathroom. I actually asked to change to that room as the first one had a window half up the wall and felt a bit like a prison cell.
This one was on the lower ground with a corner window looking onto the little garden at the back. It’s also next door to a conservatory with wooden tables and chairs with fluffy throw, which appeared to be used as a breakfast room for guests with dogs as I saw one morning.

The Roseate Hotel Edinburgh restaurant and lounge

Food 2.5/5

In the main hotel there is a lovely lounge with cosy chairs by a fireplace, big windows looking out to the street or to the big garden and a bar at the other end.

We had dinner there the first evening. I did like that you had the choice of getting some bites from the bar menu or the more classic restaurant options. The bites actually could be quite big as amongst them was a couple of platters options.

We went for the classic menu. The produce was very fresh and simply cooked and we had a lovely chat by the window while watching the snow fall.

Breakfast was my favourite meal: served in the same room, all at the table, you didnt have to get up. They bring you hot drinks and a freshly squeezed juice. On the menu you can choose a variety of breads, pastries, egg dishes, full English or Scottish breakfast – with haggis! – or, as in my case, freshly made pancakes.

The Roseate Hotel Edinburgh review – my verdict

Overall 3.5/5
This was a lovely hotel and for my business purpose this time totally hit the mark. Service was welcoming and easy, rooms had all the modern amenities and the lounge a good retreat for a final night cap with the team.

There are no activities to do at the hotel though, hence my lower mark, but this makes sense since it’s a city hotel.

If you want to use it as your base to explore the city, I found it to be a perfectly valid option.

It was my first time in Edinburgh. Of course we love Scotland as you know with all the reviews and tips I posted on this blog. That short business trip really gave me a taste for the city though and I look forward to going back for a full exploration soon.

The Roseate Hotel Edinburgh video tour

Dunstane Houses video tour

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