3 affordable Noirmoutier hotels that families will love

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In a previous post, I started to answer Katy’s challenge. Katy is looking to break a long car journey from Normandy to Charentes by finding a nice hotel or B&B with a pool.

You can read about the first part of my answer to her challenge about some affordable places in Ile de Ré  here.

Today, I list a couple more Noirmoutier hotels. Noirmoutier is a favourite place of mine as I spent many holidays there as a child.  Noirmoutier is an island full of charm and very family-oriented. It has not yet attracted too many Parisians so prices remain good. In a way, I’m giving you a secret place here that maybe I should keep to myself !

Noirmoutier hotels for a family of 4

  • Family of 4 with two kids age 7&9
  • B&B or hotel
  • either with a pool or near to a beach
  • Ideally walking distance to a restaurant but could drive
  • Budget is 250 Euros per night for the 4 of them (so 125 euros per room)

Hotel Autre Mer, Noirmoutier

© Autre MerLocated in the main town of the island (but it’s a small one), Noirmoutier en L’ile, this hotel has recently renovated all its bedrooms. It’s simple but clean and warm and the family suite is really decent value. There are some delicious restaurants and crêperies in Noirmoutier en l’Ile so you’ll be very close to them.

Ile O Chateau, Noirmoutier

L'Ile O Chateau, Noirmoutier, B&B, Chambres d'hôtes, From the Poolside blog on boutique hotels and chic rentals for family holidays
© L’iIle O Chateau

I mentioned it before and still think it’s a great choice. They have a heated pool, are well located and attractive prices.

Hotel Les Prateaux, Noirmoutier

Les Prateaux hotel Noirmoutier, france.
© Les Prateaux

Le Bois de la Chaize, where this hotel is, is the select area of Noirmoutier. It leads to la Plage des Dames, which has retained old beach cabins and is delightful. The owners of this hotel also oversee the brasserie on la Plage des Dames. I ate there several times and recommend it. Nice mussels and fish dishes.

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