Jolies Choses – a Christmas stay-cation

We’ve had a very nice Christmas and New Year holiday this year, how about you? We stayed in the UK and made the most of our stay-cation. Lots of rest, family movies watching, walks and in my case, some blog planning for the year.

Tomorrow, I will ask you, dear readers, to help me make this blog better.  Today, here are the four pretty moments that graced the past two weeks in our household.

Christmas yule log, Richmon Park view, white floorboard in an office with a leather brown chair, cashmere leggings from Pure

  • We painted (well my brother-in-law did) the floorboard white in the office. It makes it a very serene and creative place and a nice backdrop for photos now!
  • I was quite proud of my home made Christmas yule cake, which I cook every year. A French tradition that I had to bring here.
  • Lovely walks and amazing light in Richmond Park on Friday 2nd of January.
  • These amazingly comfy cashmere leggings that Mr Big gave me as present for Christmas. Love them !

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