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The world is too big and my time too sparse to allow me to go everywhere so on time to time, I will call upon my friends and family to recommend places as well. Continuing on the Greek theme,  here is my sister and brother in law”s review of Corona Borealis in Naxos.

Corona Borealis, naxos
credit: Corona Borealis

They offer big rooms and 2 or 3 bedroom apartments individually decorated. Avove all, their hospitality and sense of service is really what delighted my sister and brother in law and their two boys.  Here is what my brother in law had to say :

Corona Borealis is a small resort hidden down the cliff on the sea shore not far from Naxos main city. Hosted by Anita and her staff, it is the perfect place to unfold and relax.

The place is calm. The suites are sophisticated. The breakfast is delicious (for those who like locally grown organic products) . The sunset is so breathtaking that everything stops every night when the sun sinks into the sea.
One of the most amazing places, we’ve been.”

Corona Borealis pool

Coronea Borealis, Naxos, Greece

Corona Borealis, Naxos, Greece
Credit: Corona Borealis

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