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Today, I thought I would start a little series about my magic formula for finding nice places for a family holiday. Well, OK, there is no magic, mostly a lot of reading, researching and therefore time but I love doing that, so it’s not a bore. And hopefully what I find is helpful to you so it’s double worth my time !

Today, here are my favourite blogs.

There are many travel blogs, luxury travel blogs, family blogs etc.. and they’re great but I actually often find quirkier places in personal blogs that may have nothing to do with travel.  Women behind those blogs (it’s often women) have a personal style that resonates with me and therefore their holiday choices often inspire me. You’ll see what I mean when you browse their blogs. They have an extremely good taste across the board.


insideology, design blog

Annie is an interior designer who lives in London . Her blog is mostly about design and she regularly also adds posts about places she goes to, restaurants she tried, beautiful designs she spotted etc…

I like her writing stye. She lets you into some aspects of her life (like her wedding) in an open but not too intimate way. So you feel that you are starting to get to know her as a friend and therefore can trust her choices in terms of travel.



The Style Files

style-files, blogroll, from the poolside

Danielle de Lange is a very stylish woman indeed. It transpires in the aesthetic of her blog, in her design choices that she features every day and in the few photos that allow you to get to know what she looks like.

Her blog is specialised in design but she has the knack for finding great hotels or houses for holidays. She used to have a blog specialising on travels but seems to have stopped updating it since September. So the main blog is the one to read.









The Travel Notebook

Travel Notebook, Lisa Corcoran, Passage to LuxuryOK,  this one is a luxury travel blog, yes, but Lisa is very good at only selecting the best places. Her choices would be mine, i.e. smaller boutique hotels with a lot of luxury touches. She also seems to carefully select the free invites to hotels that she obviously receives due to her success and doesn’t crowd her blog with what I call “big cruise boat hotels”…

She recently launched a beautiful site  Passage to Luxury which helps you go to only the best luxury travel companies for finding your next holiday.



The Luxe Life

the luxe file, luxury blogI just recently discovered Lucy’s blog but I like her mix of content. She covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle and of course travel.

I haven’t read all the travel posts yet but when I see that she talks about the Pig, Limewood, a relaxing holiday in the New Forest, Paris and Marrakech, I have a feeling that we would get along fine in real life !





Bodie and Fou

bodie and fou, style blog, home decor blogKarine is French, lives in London, has a daughter who seems to be about the same age as Mademoiselle and has really great taste, just like me then 😉 Well of course, she has much better taste than me and you can buy her choices in her online concept store, Bodie and Fou.

Her  blog is a window into her personal life and her style choices as a woman, business owner and mother. I like the places she selects for their family holidays.


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