5 days in Saint Tropez with a child – our itinerary


Is it a good idea to go to Saint Tropez with a child?

In France, when we think of Saint Tropez, we picture the village, the rich people, the parties, Brigitte Bardot but not really a family trip.

However, we went to Saint Tropez with a child twice, once when our daughter was 20 months old and then when she was 8 years old and in both cases it really was a great trip.

The key, I think is to go off season for France. In our case we went during the UK May Half Term. All the French bank holidays in May (and there are a few !) are earlier in the month so there are definitely less people then. It’s also not a school holiday in France.

I reviewed our stay at the Pastis Hotel and at Villa Marie, two different hotels options. Here I give you our 5 days in Saint Tropez itinerary with a child, when she was 8 years old.

Day by day Ramatuelle and Saint Tropez with a child itinerary

Day 1 – arrival then pool and diner at the restaurant

We took a flight from London to Nice and then drove down to Saint Tropez with a rental car. It is not too long a journey off season but in season it can take hours so be warned!

Our hotel was Villa Marie Saint Tropez which I reviewed before and you can click below to read the article.

Day 2 – a relaxing day by the pool

Pool all day, lunch at the hotel then diner in Saint Tropez.  

We totally failed there so I don’t have any recommendation to give you for that evening.  However, we ended up with a stop at the famous Senequier where we had a fabulous and humongous bowl of chocolate mousse.

Day 3 – market in Saint Tropez and in Ramatuelle

We had a lovely visit of the village then lunch at La Forge, a delicious little Italian restaurant that I totally recommend.  We then wander around the streets of the village and Mademoiselle had her hair cut in this tiny hairdresser shop which was like a trip back to the 60s.  

In the evening, we took the shuttle down to Saint Tropez and had diner at Senequier. Mademoiselle loved seating there and watching the big boats (billionnaires’yachts!).

Day 4 – a day at the famous Club 55 in the beautiful Pampelonne beach

We went to Club 55, one of the private beach clubs on the marvellous beach of Pampelonne.  In season, there are way to many people but in May, it was busy enough to have atmosphere but not too crazy that you would feel overwhelmed.  We loved having lunch with our feet in the sand.  It’s very classic French cuisine, not fancy but good.

Day 5 – more beach time

we were meant to try another beach club, Cabanne Bambou, recommended by the hotel, but Mr Big liked Club 55 so much that we went back there.  In the evening, we had diner Les Salins, hidden in one of the coves of St Tropez.

Day 6- enjoying the pool

as it was our last morning, we stayed by the pool at the hotel and had a very nice lunch again.  Then it was time to drive back to Nice to take our flight home.

Villa Marie Saint Tropez review

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