A propos

A propos

Bonjour! I'm Stéphanie and I love the sun

I am a French boutique hotel blogger living in London with Mr Big and Mademoiselle and we enjoy staying at beautiful hotels with gorgeous decor or a welcoming villa for our family and friends.

From the Poolside is my personal collection of delightful holiday places where we stayed or would like to stay.

I started it after many friends were asking me how I find all these gorgeous hotels they could see on my Facebook posts! Rather than repeating myself, I thought I'd offer a space online where they and now you too can easily browse.

You can find gorgeous  boutique hotels and villa rentals all perfect for families with young children.  They all satisfy my taste for chic interiors and a relaxed approach towards families.

I love helping stylish travellers quickly find their own dream escape for their next family holiday. As a busy mum working full time, I know how precious holidays are and I don’t want me or you to waste hours on the web searching for the right place.

My goal is to help you create wonderful holiday memories

Stephanie Bonnet, boutique hotel blogger, on the beach with Mademoiselle in Pampelonne, near Saint Tropez

You can start your search on this page, browse the resources or join the mailing list to receive regular updates.

One reader once told me that the place I recommended her was “the highlight of our holidays”.

That's my goal: to help you create wonderful memories in a place you first discovered here.

I can't wait to hear about it so drop me an email or reach out on Instagram  or Facebook any time!

I hope to hear from you soon!  A bientôt


PS : “à propos” is “about” in French.